Runescape Players Gain Holiday Buffs From…

Runescape Players Gain Holiday Buffs From Now Through January 7th

From now through January 7th, RuneScape players can leverage weekend buffs across an array of features. Each weekend, a different buff is unlocked that can provide bonuses to things including a 25% increase in experience in the Slayer skill, a better-than-average chance of loot in Thieving and Farming.

Here’s the weekend schedule:

Winter Weekends 2018 Timeline

  • 30th November to 3rd December Elite Dungeons & Dungeoneering
  • 7th December to 10th December Deep Sea Fishing & Fishing
  • 14th December to 17th December Combat & Slayer
  • 21st December to 24th December Gathering & Support Skills
  • 28th December to 31st December Minigames
  • 4th January to 7th January Player-Owned Farms & Farming

In addition, the seasonal “Violet Blue” event will be coming to RuneScape on December 17th. “Players will take part in a magical adventure as they help a little girl raised by yetis realize her dream of visiting the annual yeti festival.”

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