Bless Online v. Patch Note

Bless Online v3.2.0.1 update

[Rift of Space and Time Expansion]
  1. Expanded Content and Rewards
    • Added an extra stage to the existing 2 stages (there are now 30 rounds total).
    • Due to the addition of a new stage, added an extra mission that requires the player to defeat a mid-level boss and the final boss in the middle of the third stage.
    • Added new bracelet items which have a chance to be obtained when defeating a boss monster in the 10/20/30 rounds.
  2. Modified Difficulty
    • Increased the difficulty of rounds starting from the 6th round (no change in difficulty for the first 5 rounds).


[Korean Language Support]
  • Korean support will be added; players will be able to change the language to Korean in the launcher.


[Additional Functions]
  1. A confirmation pop-up will now appear when trying to click on the exit button in the Rift of Space and Time.
  2. Added an option in Settings that doesn’t show other players’ pets.
  3. The locations of the teleport and healing zone in the Rift of Space and Time will now be marked on the map.


[Improved Functions]
  1. Improved visibility of the available amount of Lumena in the lobby.


[Bug Fixes]
  1. The Hieron area “Juicy Grapes” quest can now be done.
  2. Fixed an issue where a character’s hair would stick out from the hat when the Protector of the Pirate Codes Captain’s Hat is equipped.
  3. Players will now be able to do the 2 weekly missions “Tame a rare grade mount” and “Tame a rare grade pet” instead of the ones referring to an undisclosed dungeon.
  4. The following items, obtainable after defeating the bosses at Ruber Ossuary, will not be tradeable now:
    – Various potions (Elixir of Combat Enhancement, Excessive Fear Stimulant, Weird Elixir, Elixir of Elem Defense Disarmament, etc.)
  5. Among the special options for weapons, 2 of them had different effects but the same name and were unstackable. Fixed this issue so that even if the effect is applied to one weapon, it may be stacked. However, stacking is not possible if both the name and effects are the same.
  6. Fixed an issue where the visual AOE range of the “Earthshaker” skill used by Sulla Ruber in the Ruber Ossuary dungeon don’t match with the place where players can receive the actual damage.
  7. Fixed an issue where the Storm Trooper’s Bracelet’s options would be maintained even after equipping other bracelets.


[Winter Festival Event]
  • The Winter Festival Event will start after the December 5th maintenance.


[Special Currency Shop]
  • The Special Currency Shop Discount Event will come to an end after the December 5th maintenance (however, the discount on Looting Pets will still be ongoing).
  • Added the [Snowflake Winter Festival Set] costume.

 16  Vind ik leuk 

The December 5th Update is here! Check out the never-before-seen third stage of Rift of Space and Time, dress for the holidays in the fun new Snowflake Winter Festival Costume from the Lumena Shop, and participate in the ongoing December in-game events! You can read all the details in the Update Preview and the patch notes.

Happy Holidays,
The Bless Team

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