Bless Update Preview: Wise Ones’ Mausoleum…

Bless Update Preview: Wise Ones’ Mausoleum Dungeon (Elite)

Wise Ones’ Mausoleum Dungeon (Elite)

On January 9th, the new Wise Ones’ Mausoleum (Elite) dungeon will be added to Bless. This level 50 dungeon has a recommended party number of 5, and an entrance limit of once per day. The entrance location for both Hieron and Union players can be found in the Wise One’s Ruins inside the Elemental Forest.

Fight your way past the denizens of the mausoleum to do battle with final boss Liche Tiberius! A variety of rewards can be earned from the mid bosses and the final boss, including crafting materials, Rare Spirits, a legendary helmet, and more.

Basel Gorge Certificate of Valor Event

The first in-game event for 2019 will be taking place in Basel Gorge! Starting after maintenance is complete on January 9th, players will be rewarded with Certificates of Valor when they defeat monsters in Basel Gorge or when they complete Basel Gorge daily quests. Players can then use the Certificates of Valor to craft a variety of gift boxes. Gift boxes also have a chance to drop directly from defeated monsters in Basel Gorge. Gift boxes may contain buff effect foods, weapon skins, temporary flying mounts, or various enhancement materials!


On January 9th, the Special Currency Shop will be getting an update with some new items, including Anima Random Boxes, Ruru Brother’s Magic Pocket (The resource dungeon turban item), and portable NPC summoning items called Popochita On-Demand Service (single use and permanent item versions for summoning the Market, Personal Chest Manager, General Merchant, and Blacksmith).

In addition, we are adding a “Hat” tab to the Special Currency Shop with six new hats for players to purchase and wear!

Nine new costumes will also be added to the Special Currency Shop, including the viking set pictured below, and the Snowfield Buffalo Set, the Charging Drakaru mount skin, and the Walking Lollo pet skin.

2019 has only just begun, but there’s already a lot to look forward to!

Happy New Year,
The Bless Team

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