Sea Of Thieves Shrinks Its Install Size, Bans A ‘…

Sea Of Thieves Shrinks Its Install Size, Bans A ‘small Number’ Of Cheaters

With many months’ worth of updates and patches, Sea of Thieves has seen bloat happen in one undesirable locale: its game installer. Ergo, Rare has made an effort to greatly reduce the initial install size of the multiplayer pirate title at the expense of “slightly larger” patch sizes. For example, the PC install size has been reduced down from 47 GB to 27 GB.

The team at Rare informed players in this week’s developer update that they would have to re-download the game with the new install size with the early February patch. That patch will also contain streamer settings, remove the double-gunning exploit, and add a “fun little thing” that’s currently a surprise.

The ban hammer came out to play this week as well. The team said that it banned “a very small number” of cheaters that it found and warned other players to, you know, behave.

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