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Crash Bandicoot High-tech Warp Room | Crash Bandicoot 2 | 

This chapter contains information about levels that can be accessed from High-Tech Warp Room. These levels can be played in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back which is a part of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. In default, the room has five portals that lead to another levels which are not required to be completed in the order suggested by the game. Also, each mission can be replayed, e.g. in order to play a time trial, collect missing crystals or (only in some cases) to get additional gems.

High-Tech Warp Room’s view

When you complete all five stages for the first time you unlock a new room in which you face the final boss – Dr. Neo Cortex. The description of that fight can be found in a separate chapter of this guide.

This is the last set of stages, although you shouldn’t forget about hidden levels in the basement. Some of them are connected with the already completed levels. Two unique stages – Totally Bear and Totally Fly – are described in a separate chapter of this guide.

Warning – One of High-Tech Warp Room levels (Spaced Out) requires you to have all five gems in various colors. This allows you to fully unlock one of the secret locations. Try to get those gems before you start this level.

Key information:

  • Number of regular levels: 5
  • Number of boss fights: 1 (Dr. Neo Cortex – final boss)

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