Gloria Victis Open Pvp Update, Client-side…

Gloria Victis Open Pvp Update, Client-side Optimization And Much More! (Update V. – Steam

Hello warriors!

Check out the newest weekly update which improves the open world PVP balance! We updated the siege events formula in order to improve the balance between factions, as well as to create more open-world PVP scenarios. Read more below for details!

Other changes include client-side optimization, addition of new end-game dynamic events, updated mechanics of starting and joining the “Rite”, “River Outpost” and “Volcano” world events and several balance improvements.

Also, we’d like to remind you that the Glory Season VIII will start tomorrow! As always, the most active players will receive precious rewards and titles, so do your best in the last day of the current season and don’t miss the beginning of a new one to set your position in the ranking!

See you in battle!

Screenshot by Bing_Bang_Kaboom

Changelog v.

Open PVP Update:

We updated the siege events system in order to improve the world PVP balance. We focused on solving the problem of 2 nations would focus on attacking the weakest faction, increasing the balance gap. We’re also addressing frequent suggestions for more open-world PVP battles scenarios. Changes to the sieges system:

– Added “Frontline Battles” – new type of siege events in which players of 2 nations spawn in the given link’s frontline locations under their control and compete for 25 minutes in a non-loot zone – a nation wins the event once it takes the enemy’s marked flag (if neither nation would capture the enemy location, there’s no winner)
– The Frontline Battles, start between nations which aren’t dominating each other – if all nations’ strength is comparable, 2 Frontline Battles can start for each nation (1 per link)
– From now on, the standard siege event (attacking specific location) includes only 2 nations in order to improve the experience of attacking nations
– Depending on the current server’s balance, various standard siege event or a link-war event can be started, helping to improve the map balance


– Client-side optimization improvements – we reduced the amount of RAM required to run the game; this change required rebuilding many assets, especially the interface graphics, which resulted in large update’s size
– From now on, “Rite” and “River Outpost” world events are grouped together and triggered by players instead of being part of the post-tournament events chain – they are started by completing an event in the capital city of each nation which launches one of these events
– Added new end-game dynamic events (blue ring quests) to the event chains taking place in the central part of each link
– Updated the “Volcano” world event, introducing the limited party mechanics known from “Sea Wraiths” event – the party size is set to 7; this change was done to create more gameplay opportunities for small groups, as well as more even PVP scenarios
– Disabled friendly fire damage done by oil/stones/logs dropped from towers, replacing it with a debuff applied to allies which temporarily reduces their damage down to 20%; the friendly fire was disabled because of frequent cases of alts made on fake accounts in order to abuse the oil mechanics and break the defense – the debuff is still punishing for defenders if they use it wrong but it doesn’t disable their ability to defend the location as the friendly fire damage used to do
– Increased the NPC enemies’ respawn in “The Cohort Strikes Back” dynamic events
– Introduced moving the character following the ballista’s rotation; it still needs polishing but it’s a step forward required to introduce new siege engines, such as movable catapults or battering rams
– Reduced amount of Bark required by various recipes
– Increased amount of Wood Billets produced while obtaining Bark
– Updated the in-game announcements system displaying official announcements in the main menu, adding scaling the window’s height and moving it around the screen, as well as the screenshots support
– Added partial Korean translation – it’s being worked on by our great Community members


– Fixed an edge-case issue causing that some players couldn’t be attacked for some time
– Numerous fixes to hitboxes and collisions of upgradeable objects and doors
– Fixed prices of the “Animals Butchering” recipe scrolls
– Fixed the “Penal Work” event near Hordun Temple
– Fixed an edge-case issue preventing player from moving the interface windows after drastically changing the game’s resolution
– Many fixes to the State of War and found issues causing the guild tokens getting bugged
– Fixed an issue causing spawning wrong NPC enemy as boss of the “Sea Wraiths” world event
– Disabled the PerfoTest server until the next iteration of performance tests; we reset the main server change cooldown for all accounts which were assigned to this server, so the main server can be set immediately again

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