Dreadnought Ps4 ‘legends Redefined’ 1/31…

Dreadnought Ps4 ‘legends Redefined’ 1/31 Hotfix Notes


  • Corvette Armor Amp – The 15 second active duration is being reduced to 5 seconds. We will continue to evaluate player feedback and make additional adjustments as appropriate.
  • We have lowered the Battle Bonus recharge cost for Legendary fleets to 11000 credits from 12500 credits. We will continue to monitor matchmaking and reward income across all fleet ranks to determine if additional adjustments are warranted.
  • Reduced Rupture Ram damage from 25,000 to 15,000 at T4 and 35,000 to 20,000 at T5. Made the applied buff on ability activation behave the same as the other rams.
  • Resolved an error where Tartarus Missile was applying Rupture effect. Tartarus Missile now applies: stasis, module disruption, and energy drain debuffs as expected, all gameplay and tooltip information is also displayed correctly.
  • Queuing for ‘Any’ no longer removes the Quickplay menu option.
  • Resolved an issue where loadout details would not be visible when mousing over ship selection in Orbit or Respawn screens
  • Selecting Customer Support from the Bug Report page now loads the correct contact us webpage


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