Crash Bandicoot Pack Attack | Crash Bandicoot 2 |

Crash Bandicoot Pack Attack | Crash Bandicoot 2 |


  1. Clear Gem – Destroy all 45 crates.


This is a second level in which you must use a jet pack. The level has similar “attractions” to Rock It, although this time you can find much more obstacles which makes keeping Crash alive more difficult.

When you start flying you must avoid red objects that you can remember from the previous stage (you must fly through the middle of them or stay close to the walls of the big tunnel). In the next location you must avoid red pipes and broken cables. Here, you can also find your first crates that you can approach one after another.

Continue flying and watch out for lasers and big beams of red energy. In one of the tunnels you can encounter first scientist with a jet pack. Just to remind you, you must attack them when they don’t produce electricity from their gloves. You must hit them twice in order to get rid of those enemies.

The picture above presents one of the more problematic moments. Besides the pulsing objects you must also avoid green crates. Luckily, the solution is simple because you only have to fly through the middle of the tunnel at the right moment.

Avoiding next obstacles shouldn’t be difficult. The only place where you have to watch out is when you approach two groups of lasers – you must wait for the right moment to fly through them. In the tunnel, presented in the picture above, you must avoid pulsing objects and lasers at the same time. Here, you must also wait until you can safely fly through the middle.

There are many nitro crates in the next tunnel but you can easily avoid them. The enemy with a jet pack accompanied by red pulsing objects can cause you a little bit more trouble. Attack him when the red objects are close to the walls and then avoid them quickly before you try to attack the scientist again.

When you unlock a new hatch you must fly through north-west part of the tunnel and avoid nearby lasers. In the next area you must wait for the right moment to avoid both broken cables and pulsing obstacles. The landing spot is right after this trap. You shouldn’t forget about hitting the exclamation mark crate. By doing that you detonate all nitro crates that you passed by.

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