Crash Bandicoot Spaced Out | Crash Bandicoot 2 |

Crash Bandicoot Spaced Out | Crash Bandicoot 2 |


  1. Clear Gem #1 – Destroy all 60 crates.
  2. Clear Gem #2 – Unlock all secret locations and reach the end of the last one.
  3. 5 secret locations (one for each colored Gem, you unlock them in order).
  4. 1 bonus round.

Warning – Before you start this level you should try to get all 5 colored Gems in the previous levels. Only then you can unlock all secret locations and, thanks to that, get one of the Clear Gems.


This is the last level before the final boss in Crash Bandicoot 2. The level takes place in a factory and is rather difficult. The reason for that is because there are many traps and enemies that are located in places that make avoiding them more difficult. You can also have problems with completing all secret routes because each one of them requires a lot of skills in keeping Crash alive. Also, there aren’t many checkpoints in those locations.

When you start the level you must go right and immediately focus on jumping on the platform presented in the picture. Paradoxically, this is very difficult to do because the edges of the platform are hot and touching them results in Crash’s death. You must land perfectly on the green platform and then bounce off of it to reach the ledge on the right.

Destroy the first few crates and go right. During this part you must remember about eliminating the crawling robots skillfully. Depending on s situation you can use regular attacks (Spin or slide) or you can jump on them.

You quickly reach the place presented in the picture. If you got the Blue Gem in the starting mission called Turtle Woods then you can move to the first out of five secret locations. Next locations are unlocked in order and each time you need a particular Gem. Below, you can find their descriptions:

  1. Blue secret location – Besides the working pistons you must also watch out for robots levitating in the air. You must jump on them in the right moment and use long jump each time when you bounce off of them. Of course, when you are on your way you must collect additional lives.
  2. Green secret location – Watch out for the pressure plates that creates energy balls. You can destroy them by using the Spin attack. Use it on the last ball before you attack the robot on the right.
  3. Yellow secret location – Carefully jump on green platforms with hot edges, the ones that you can’t touch. You can also collect additional lives.
  4. Red secret location – Push the scientists with shields during jumps so you don’t touch any of the pressure plates (they summon balls of energy).
  5. Purple secret location – Here, you won’t find any traps. Simply enter the room with a Clear Gem. When you get it you should commit suicide so you can go back to the factory’s main part. You will be able to continue finding crates that can be destroyed (you won’t lose the Gem when you die).

Explore areas right from the place where you moved to the first secret location. In one of the factory’s sections you can find a crawling robot that walks beneath a platform with hot edges. The best way to deal with those obstacles is to make a jump to the right at the right moment.

You reach an area with six pistons presented in the picture above. The most important information is that only the first and the last one completely touch the ground. When you stand in the middle you should wait for the right moment to jump on the robot that walks there.

Unlock new checkpoint and move right while jumping over green crates. The crawling robots can be either eliminated or you can perform (perfectly accurate) jumps. Later, you will also encounter a scientist with a shield. Keep hitting him so you can push back the scientist on one of the green crates.

After unlocking the checkpoint you must perform a long jump on the lower right ledge but only when the robot that walks on it goes away to the right. Another jump like this must also be very precise because you have to avoid not only robots but also hot pipes. Avoid another working pistons and when you reach the place presented in the picture you must jump into a hole to access a bonus round.

When you are in the bonus round you must go right and watch out in places with working pistons because you can easily touch one of the nitro crates. A few steps later you can find a tower from the picture 2. First, you must hit the crate with additional life perfectly and then quickly climb on the top of the tower and destroy bronze crates by using your entire body.

In the last part of the bonus round you must reach crates with apples that are levitating above a chasm. You must be precise when you are counting the number of jumps so you won’t fall down (you can also try to destroy the upper crates first and then deal with the lower ones).

When you return to the main part of the factory you must go right but watch out in the place where you must perform your first slide. There is a pressure plate here that creates an energy ball which means that you can’t stop here. Another plate is on the right, between two hot pipes (this area is presented in the picture above). Land on it and use the Spin attack to destroy the incoming energy ball.

Avoid the robot below and you must again watch out for a pressure plate located between two pipes. Unlock the checkpoint and you must perform a long jump to the right at the right moment. This allows you to avoid pressure plates and a robot as well us run below a working piston.

You must jump on a plate located between hot pipes again and deflect an incoming ball at the right moment. On the right you can find a Purple Gem, the last regular crates and a metal crate with an exclamation mark that will detonate all green crates that you encountered on your way here.

Jump perfectly on a green platform with hot edges (the picture above). Jump down from it when you are sure that you can safely hit a scientist with a shield and push him into chasm. The last thing that you must do is to avoid a working piston and a pressure plate located under it. The portal that ends this level is right next to it.

Warning  When you complete this level you must face the final boss – Dr. Neo Cortex. The description of this fight can be found in a separate chapter.

Warning – When you defeat Neo Cortex and complete the game in 100% (you can check your progress in the pause screen) you can see a hidden ending. In order to watch it you must return to any room with portals and reach the highest floor that was previously inaccessible. There, you will automatically see a new cut-scene.

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