Apex Legends Inventory In Apex Legends

During the matches, you’ll find a lot of various armors, weaponry, gadgets, and medkits. The items have to be stored somewhere – in Apex Legends, your inventory space is limited, forcing you to exchange old and less powerful items with better ones.

Weapon comparison

Apex Legends contains a special system of weapon comparison, which will inform you if the newly found weapon is better than the one you currently possess. Thanks to such a solution, you don’t need to lose extra seconds comparing the weapons.

How to increase the size of my inventory?

When it comes to the amount of found equipment and gadgets, you’ll surely be limited by the small size of your inventory. If you want to increase the size of your inventory, you need to find special backpacks that appear randomly on the map. Backpacks, similarly to other items and weapons, are divided into normal and rare quality.

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