Crash Bandicoot Ripper Roo | Boss Fights|

Crash Bandicoot Ripper Roo | Boss Fights|

Below you will find information about the duel with Ripper Roo, a boss in Crash Bandicoot – a game that is part of the collection Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. It’s the second boss you will encounter in the game and you will have to fight him soon after arriving at Wumpa Island.

Basic information about the fight with the boss

  1. The fight with this boss might seem hard at first, but all you need to do is memorize the rules and take advantage of the zones in which Crash is safe. You shouldn’t rush yourself in this fight, as it might easily cause you to make a mistake and fall into the boss, into the water or the explosives might detonate while close to you.
  2. Defeating Ripper Roo is awarded with bronze trophy “Ripper Ruined”.

Battle description

This fight takes place on nine green platforms surrounded by water – this means you must perform very precise jumps, so that you don’t jump into the water and die. What’s interesting, Ripper Roo doesn’t have any direct attacks – the duel ends in failure “only” if you fall into him. The boss jumps with a little delay, giving you enough time to escape from the endangered platform.

What makes the fight MUCH easier is the fact that you can use the side areas marked on the picture. Ripper Roo never jumps into any of them and you can stay there in order to wait for a good time to start or resume weakening the boss.

Jump onto the red chest to initiate a countdown

In order to deal damage to Ripper Roo you must use the red Big TNT chests that will be floating down the river and stopping next to each row of green platforms. After jumping on such chest a countdown will start – after a few seconds the chest will explode.

If Ripper Roo is near an explosion, he will lose one health point

It is best to look for an opportunity to activate the red chests when they reach the middle row of platforms. Once the countdown starts, hide in one of the above mentioned side areas or jump away to a safe platform. Ripper Roo will receive damage if the explosion will occur near him. Repeat this tactics three times in order to win.

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