GW2 Super Adventurer’s Quest Achievement…

GW2 Super Adventurer’s Quest Achievement Guide

A guide to the Super Adventurer’s Quest achievements with the 2019 release of the Super Adventure Box Festival.

Super Adventurer’s Quest (World 1)

Everything must be done in order.  Tiara –> Hat –> Crown –> Key –> Reward.

Completing this achievement will upgrade your bomb to the Mega Bomb which costs 5 bauble per throw (you have the option of throwing the small bomb still)


Video Guide

1. Extra Tiara (Zone 1)

Buried at the top of the tree at the very beginning. You can find this at the standalone tree at the entrance of zone 1. Climb to the top and then use the shovel to dig out the chest.


2. Auspicious Hat (Zone 1)

Use the Bomb to open a cave in the Sunny Glade. You must have tiara before you can get the hat. Go to checkpoint 3 in zone 1 and then turn back a little ways and blast your way through the cave. Exchange tiara for hat inside.


3. Majestic Crown (Zone 2)

You can drain the Improper Water using the Bomb. Exit Zone 1 and go to Zone 2. Past checkpoint 3, throw bomb at the marked location below in the improper water and talk to the shopkeeper for the crown.


4. Secret Key (Hub)

Climb down carefully in the Hub. Exit to the hub, behind the entrance to world 2 is a Tribulation Cloud. Talk to it and exchange the crown for the key.


5. Incredible Reward (Zone 3)

Use the bomb to find the Secret Cannon at the start of the Kingdom of Fungus. Zone 3. This one is a bit tricky so better to watch the video first. Make your way to the platform marked on the first picture. You need to go through the big horizon trunk near the entrance and then take an immediate right after the trunk. Follow the ledges and then bomb your way at the platform. Go through the secret entrance made by the bomb and make your way to the cannon. After the cannon then you need to navigate the maze filled with poison water. You don’t need to go through entire maze as there is a ledge you can jump on from the first waterfall inside the maze that allow you to navigate the top of the maze. Once you get past the group of snakes there will be a chest at the top left corner.


Super Adventurer’s Quest 2 (World 2)

Must be done in order: Cheese -> Cake -> Drumstick -> Apple –> Prize

Completing this achievement will replace your Whip with the Boomerang.


Video Guide

1. Legendary Cheese (Zone 1)

Buried next to a Racing Cactus. This one is can be only done in normal mode as the race isn’t present in infantile mode. Zone in to zone 1, use shovel to dig next to the Racing Choya.


2. Mythic Cake (Zone 3)

Rescue the trespasser frozen by a Yeti. Proceed through zone 3 until you reach the Yeti platform near the end. Take a right past the checkpoint and you will see a mouth which you can open with the flute by playing 332331. Then inside you will find the frozen prisoner you can rescue by playing 133133. Talk to it and exchange your cheese to get the cake.

Note: Both songs (332331 and 133133) will only work if you have learned them before from secret rooms. If you havn’t learned them yet, then find their secret rooms and learn them (see guide here – just search for 332331 and 133133)


3. Fabled Drumstick (Zone 2)

Use a Secret Song to reach the picnic in the cliffs. Go up the big tree at the entrance of zone 2. You will see a tiny cloud at the top. Play 123123 on the flute and then a cloud jumping puzzle will spawn. Jump across and make it to the picnic on the other side.

Note: You must know the 123123 for it to work (should be unlocked by visiting hidden room 6 in this guide).


4. Epic Apple (Hub)

A Bee Dog can reach the secret tree in the hub. For this you need to get transformed into a beedog first. This can be done by going to the underground area in the hub with all the sprouts and then get yourself shot up to the clouds via the mushroom pad in the middle. Use one of the cannons to launch yourself to the area with the honeybee comb and run into it to get transformed. Once you done that, fly as a beedog back to the underground area, the apple tree will be on one of the lone pillars


5. Incredible Prize (Zone 1)

The prize dispenser is set up at end of the rapids. This one is at end of zone 1, past the last checkpoint and right before the boss. Take a right after pasting the checkpoint and jump through the ledges. You will see a yellow tree you can burn to get access to the ledge above with a friendly Hillbilly. Don’t forget to use the prize machine next to him to exchange your whip for a boomrange.


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