Blade & Soul The Legends Reborn Event…

Blade & Soul The Legends Reborn Event Begins April 10

New event dungeons will put your martial arts skills to the test beginning April 10!

The Sacred Longgui and the Lord of the Inferno seek out worthy warriors willing to test their martial arts skills in combat when the Legends Reborn event begins on April 10! Log in to earn new loot, open the Bloomtime Jackpot to win something good, try out the new systems and items changes, and more!

Legends Reborn

  • Event Duration: April 10 — May 8
  • Reward Redemption Period: April 10 — June 19

New event dungeons will test your stamina and skill. Defeat the Sacred Longgui – a giant dragon turtle – in the Ring of Reckoning. Plus, challenge the Lord of the Inferno in Desolate Mausoleum or the even more intense Unleashed Lord of the Inferno in Burning Mausoleum. Emerge victorious by overcoming varying levels of difficulty and you will earn unique titles and achievements, as well as Legendary Orbs and Resurgence Emblems that can be redeemed for amazing rewards.

Ring of Reckoning

Held within the walls of Mushin’s Tower, this solo event dungeon will test your stamina by challenging you to defeat the Sacred Longgui, one-on-one, through multiple stages.

Desolate Mausoleum

The Lord of the Inferno awaits you. Seek him out through the Dungeon Finder (F8), where you’ll be challenged to defeat him with a party of your most skilled friends.

Burning Mausoleum

Like Desolate Mausoleum but with heightened difficulty, you’ll need all your martial arts training in this battle as you take down the Unleashed Lord of the Inferno to gain access to epic rewards.

Bloomtime Jackpot Event

  • Event Duration: April 10 – May 8

Available for FREE in the Hongmoon Store and limited to one per account. Open the various stages of the Jackpot in this limited-time event to receive outstanding rewards to help you become stronger, as well as some unique costumes.

Systems & Items Changes

Several changes are being made to some of the systems and items in Blade & Soul including the much-anticipated skill balance patch, lowered difficulty for certain Dungeons and Raids, new achievements, new Reward Selection chests, a new season of martial arts mayhem on the Shackled Isles, and much more!

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