Apex Legends Starting Legends In Apex Legends

Apex Legends Starting Legends In Apex Legends

Before you start playing a match in APEX LEGENDS, the first thing you have to do is to select your character. Try to test out every hero. If you aren’t sure which Legend you should pick first, check out this page – we have described three characters that are perfect for beginners.


Passive ability – Aiming down sights activates a shield that will protect you from enemy attacks.

Tactical ability – Deploy a protective dome that will protect you and your allies. Remember, you can’t shoot inside this dome so don’t waste your ammo.

Ultimate ability – Mortar strike on a marked position.

Who should use this character?

  1. Those who like to fight but don’t want to attract everyone’s attention. Thanks to his abilities, Gibraltar can deal good damage, however, he must also focus on defending his allies. Stick with them – without you, your allies can die easily.
  2. Those who want to be leaders – due to his ability to place domes, Gibraltar is often guarded by his teammates. It is up to him to choose where the team will go next.


Passive ability – Faster healing and increased health regeneration.

Tactical ability – Healing drone that helps nearby allies.

Ultimate ability – Supply drop that will help the entire team.

Who should use this character?

  1. Players without leadership skills – Lifeline is a medic, she won’t lead the entire team. Just follow your teammates and be sure that they are not in danger.
  2. Those who have empathy and want to take care of others – as a medic, Lifeline’s responsibility is to watch over her allies.
  3. Those who are independent – Lifeline heals herself faster, she doesn’t need anyone’s help.


Passive ability – Ability to scan survey beacons.

Tactical ability – Grappling hook that increases mobility. Use this gadget to escape faster.

Ultimate ability – Zipline Gun allows your teammates to move around the map faster.

Who should use this character?

  1. Those who like mobility – Pathfinder is the most mobile character in the game. His grappling hook allows him to climb buildings and explore the map differently from others.
  2. Freelancers – your abilities allow you to move around the map faster than the rest of your team.
  3. Those who want to help their teammates – the Zipline Gun will save your friends multiple times. Try to place it in places that would help your friends follow you.

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