Crowfall Outlines Revisions To Its Death System…

Crowfall Outlines Revisions To Its Death System Ahead Of Update 5.90

Howdy, folks!

Jack is back, and I’m here to talk to you about a common fact of Crowfall® life: death.

Whether you’re overwhelmed by one of the roaming War Tribes, fall to the enemy while charging a keep under siege or are caught unawares by an assassin while harvesting, death eventually visits us all.

The 5.90 update will introduce important changes to the way death and resurrection work that should streamline your trip to the afterlife and make respawning a tactical decision.


When you’re hit by an attack that reduces your hitpoints to zero, you’ll fall into an unconscious state, bleeding to death on the ground. If you aren’t finished off by an enemy (with a deathblow) or aided by an ally (via a resurrection spell), you’ll eventually bleed out. You also have the option of accepting your death and ending your bleed-out timer early. Either way, let’s assume you’ve died. Your soul, in the form of a ghostly Spirit Crow, will appear above your body. A cairn will be erected in the place of your corpse.

Currently, your Spirit Crow will then be magically teleported to the nearest dragon statue (located at forts and keeps) or your faction’s temple. From there, you have the choice between flying back to your cairn or resurrecting directly at the statue. If you take the time to fly back to your cairn, your equipment takes less damage from your death, and you can reclaim the inventory that was left there. If you choose to resurrect directly at the statue, your inventory is left on your cairn and your equipment suffers more damage.

Regardless of the way in which you return to your body, you’ll be outfitted with a death shroud. This is a three-minute debuff that will significantly lower your overall health. It’s meant to limit players’ ability to rush right back into a fight when they’ve been killed. (Otherwise, fights won’t have a clear end as combatants trickle in over and over).


So where, you might be asking, do these changes come into play? The system remains almost exactly the same right up to the point of death: you fight, you bleed out, you die. The moment your Crow appears, things are slightly different. Instead of being transported to a nearby dragon statue or temple, your Spirit Crow will start its journey from the cairn erected at your corpse.

Once your Spirit Crow has been separated from its mortal flesh prison, you’ll need to find your way to an appropriate resurrection location. Resurrecting directly at your cairn will no longer be an option. Valid locations include the dragon statues located at forts and keeps and your faction temple, with the potential to include new areas in the future.

If you happen to get turned around while looking for a spot to resurrect, you can hold G to automatically return to your faction’s temple. This will place your Recall power (a power everyone has by default that allows you to teleport back to your faction’s temple) on cool-down, but allow you to directly warp to the temple statue and resurrect there.

Depending on the rules for the world where you’ve just died, some amount of your inventory may be left on your cairn. Since resurrecting at your body is no longer an option, you’ll need to travel back to your cairn after regaining your mortality in order to retrieve any items left there. Your equipment will still take a slight durability hit when you die.


If you die several times in a row or happen to get back to a resurrection location quickly, you may notice a death timer where you would normally see the interaction prompt to reanimate. In order to discourage the same trickling-back-into-fights effect mentioned earlier, each death you take will increase your death timer. This timer starts ticking down as soon as you become a Spirit Crow, so you’ll often go through it before you get back to a dragon statue or temple.


These changes to the deathloop are on the way with our next big milestone, 5.90, and should streamline the death and resurrection process. While casualties are inevitable, the tweaks to this system mean deeper tactical considerations. So get out there and die amazing deaths!

Jack “JackalBark” Kirby
Utility Infielder, ArtCraft Entertainment

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