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Crash Bandicoot Dr. Neo Cortex (final boss)| Boss Fights|

Below there is information about the boss fight with Dr. Neo Cortex in Crash Bandicoot, a game that is part of the collection Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. It’s the final, sixth boss encountered in the game and you will face him after completing all other levels on Cortex Island.

Basic information about the fight with the boss

  • The battle with Neo Cortex is easier than the above described battle with Nitrus Brio. Despite that, it might still be troublesome as it requires high precision and speed. Luckily, missing the attacks that might weaken the boss won’t mean instant failure – they will only make the fight take more time.
  • For defeating Doctor Neo Cortex you will receive “Cortex N. Capacitated” trophy.

Battle description

Run and jump to the sides to avoid being hit by the purple energy ball

The duel with Neo Cortex is played from distance. He will fly around Crash’s platform and he will be using a laser weapon. Similarly as during the fight with Nitrus, different colors of projectiles work differently. You must completely avoid the purple projectiles – run or jump to the sides so that you aren’t hit.

Avoid the slow blue projectiles

The blue projectiles will additionally fly through the platform on which Crash is standing. At first they will fly in straight line, but later their route will be sinusoidal. You must judge where they will fly and properly position Crash to jump over the ball or, even better, move under it.

Further in the fight the energy will gather in a green ball that will explode and weaken the boss after a few bounces

The last category of projectiles is the green ones. They are the most important ones as they can weaken the boss. You must use Spin attack whenever the projectile is close enough to Crash – this will send it back to Cortex. At the beginning even a single projectile will take away one health point of the opponent, but later you will have to send a few bullets to hurt Cortex. If you miss, don’t worry and wait for the next opportunity to strike the green balls.

Run to the right and be ready to quickly turn around and jump left

The hardest part of the duel will start when Neo Cortex will have only two health points left. He will start shooting series of five purple projectiles. Once it happens, start running to the right from the left edge of the screen and immediately turn back and jump to the left after three projectiles miss Crash. Once you avoided the mass attack, wait for an opportunity to hurt Cortex with a green projectile. You must repeat this strategy at least two times (more if you fail to hit the green energy balls when you have a chance).

Bouncing back the last green ball will end the fight

The last part of the battle is very easy. Once Cortex has only a single health point left, he will start shooting only the green projectiles. Hit one of them with a Spin attack to defeat the boss.

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