Astellia Developer Diary: Enhancement System

Restoring the natural balance of the Atra within the world of Astellia is no easy task. You’re going to need the best equipment possible to have a chance at surviving the perils that lie ahead. This week we’ll be taking a look at the Enhancement System and how to deck out your equipment.

In order to understand the Enhancement System, you’ll want to first familiarize yourself with some crucial parts of the user interface. The Character Profile (P), shows your equipped gear, which is divided into five slots: chest, weapon, necklace, ring, and bracelet. In addition to this, your stats and combat power are also shown. As you improve your gear and stats, your combat power will also raise.

Each piece contains stats that improve offense, defense, and other secondary stats. Different gear holds different weights for each. For example, one weapon might have higher spell power, while another has higher crit. Weapons and armor also grant extra percentages to primary stats (STR, DEX, Etc…), which can be seen listed at the bottom of their tooltip. Accessories on the other hand, offer only flat value increases to primary stats.

If you have gear that cannot be used by your class, or has perhaps grown obsolete, you could simply sell it, or you can dismantle it instead. This can be accomplished by opening the inventory window and clicking on the hammer icon, then selecting the piece of gear you wish to dismantle. This will destroy the piece of equipment, but also provides you with Enhancement Stones (deposited in the Consumables Tab of your inventory), which are critical for strengthening your gear.

Once you’ve acquired enough stones of the appropriate type (Armor, Weapon, or Accessory), you can begin strengthening your equipment. Open the Enhancement window by clicking the anvil icon, located in the inventory window, and place the piece of gear into the new window. At the top of the window, you will see the Enhancement Level and name of the selected gear. Near the middle of the window, the cost in Asper and Enhancement stones is displayed. If you have enough of both, you can Enhance your gear.

If a piece of gear is below level 50, it cannot be upgraded past +6. At that point, you will need to evolve your gear. Evolving gear takes it to the next level bracket. For example, a level 26 weapon may evolve into a level 33 weapon. These evolution levels are static and do not vary based on rarity. If you evolve a piece of gear and it is higher than your character’s level, you will not be able to re-equip it until you are the appropriate level. Evolution also resets the item’s Enhancement level.

Should you evolve your gear to level 50, you will now have a maximum of 10 Enhancement levels, however, there are more challenges. After +3, you can experience failure. There are a few types of failure. The first will leave your item unchanged, but consume the Asper and Enhancement Stones. The second will decrease the Enhancement Level of your item by one, and consume the materials. The last form of failure is critical failure and will not only consume the Enhancement materials, but lower your Enhancement level by several points.

Besides Enhancing gear, there is another way to empower your equipment. Each piece of gear has five slots, corresponding to Runes. Runes come from drops, dungeons, quests, and crafting (Archaeology). There are (5) types of runes, with two classifications. The first of the classifications are Offensive runes, which give bonuses to: Attack, Crit, Spell power, etc. The second are Defensive runes, which improve: Evasion, Critical Evasion, HP, MP, and Energy. The five types are Diamond, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. Runes also have grades, like gear.

Each piece of gear can have one of each type of Rune, however, they are limited to a single classification. Weapons, Earrings, and Rings can only be equipped with offensive runes, while Armor, Bracelets, and Necklaces can have only defensive runes.

o Equip a Rune, select the first of the row of icons in your Inventory. This will open the Rune window. You can place a gear piece in the window and see what Runes you have equipped, slot new runes, or unequip the runes. Runes are in their own tab of the Inventory, which is automatically opened when you open the Rune window.

The enhancement and rune systems provide an initial glimpse, into a few, of the many ways Astellia strives to provide players with the ability to fully customize their gaming experience. We hope you enjoyed this preview, and welcome you to visit our website or social media (TwitterFB) for more information on Astellia as we approach our launch in Summer 2019.

Safe Travels Astellians,
– The Astellia Team


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