City Of Heroes Team Ready To Roll Out Its First…

City Of Heroes Team Ready To Roll Out Its First Large-scale Event


We’ve got quite a few things to go over today, but let’s start with the most exciting…

Memorial Day Event
Memorial Day is upon us, and that seems like a perfect opportunity for us to host our first large-scale event!

Monday the 27th of May

  • 12:00 – 15:00 Pacific
  • 15:00 – 18:00 Eastern
  • 20:00 – 23:00 UK
  • 21:00 – 00:00 EU

Statesman Plaza, Kallisti Wharf, All 5 shards

  • Heroes can access Kallisti Wharf from any monorail station
  • Villains can access Kallisti Wharf via a Smugglers Submarine (from Sharkhead or Grandville)
  • Praetorians cannot access Kallisti Wharf and must make new characters (To clarify: a Praetorian is only locked to Praetoria until level 20, then they become a Hero or Villain and can go to Kallisti Wharf)

We’re going to start off with a giant costume contest.

  • The winner from each zone instance of Kallisti Wharf will win 100 Reward Merits, be awarded the Fashion Victim badge, and be granted the title ‘May 2019 Costume Contest Runner-Up
  • We will then select a grand finalist from each shard from the winners of each zone instance, they will be awarded a further 150 Reward Merits and granted the title ‘May 2019 Costume Contest Finalist
  • One super-stylish winner will then be selected from the grand finalist of each shard – that lucky person will win a further 250 Reward Merits, 5 of each Super Pack (total value of 225m inf!) and the title ‘May 2019 Costume Contest Winner

Please note that one finalist will be selected from each shard regardless of how many players turn up there. We strongly advise you to pop on over to a lower-pop server for this part of the event if you are able!

After that, we’re going to be spawning some Giant Monsters, Arch-Villains, and Heroes for you all to fight. We’re doing this for two reasons:

  • It will help us nail down a crash bug some of you have been experiencing in large-scale battles (such as Mothership raids), as our GMs will be running a special debug build which will output crash logs for us to examine
  • It’ll be hella fun

And for our grand finale, Rigo has challenged me, Jimmy, to a duel. By popular demand, we will both be creating special-purpose, brokenly overpowered GM characters, and then facing off against each other in the Arena, and Tempest will be livestreaming the match on his channel. We have no idea what will happen. Well, we do know one thing: Rigo is going down.

We’ve never tried anything like this before. The zones may crash. Whole shards may crash. We may be forced to call off one (or more) parts of the event due to unforeseen technical issues. This is very much a trial by fire for us as far as running events goes!

European Maintenance Window
Reunion, the new EU server, has steadily been growing over the past few days as more and more of you migrate over. One key concern we’ve heard is that the maintenance windows aren’t very EU-friendly, so we’re going to be establishing a secondary EU-only maintenance window.

The new maintenance windows for Reunion Only are 1am – 3am UTC on Wednesday and Friday morning (Tuesday and Thursday night US time).

We will endeavor to keep all Reunion maintenance to this window, but we may still need to take Reunion down during the main maintenance window for certain operations (such as deploying patches). Of course, emergency maintenance can still happen at any time.

Community Reps
As you’ve probably noticed, our community has grown very large, very quickly. A few weeks ago we initiated a programme to put together a group of Community Reps to help us better represent and communicate with the wider community. These reps will be responsible for being the point of contact for various sub-groups, as well as helping us generally communicate any news and updates.

So, without further adieu, it is my pleasure to introduce the team:

  • CR Tempest (RP community rep)
  • CR ArachnosPhobia
  • CR EV (AE community rep)
  • CR Miss
  • CR Arckont (French community rep)
  • CR Banana Man aka Dr. Tomato (PvP community rep)

Please give a warm welcome to them all!

Name Release Policy
With 1000 character slots per shard, we expected you to make a lot of characters, but we’ve been blown away by quite how many… To date, you’ve made a total of 399,501 characters across 64,519 accounts. In fact, one of you has made a total of 277 characters!

Now, some of you have voiced concerns that many names are simply being sat on by level 1 characters that’ll never be played again. This is a fair concern, so we are implementing a system that will allow names of unused characters to be released back into circulation for use by new characters.

Characters will be flagged as ‘inactive’ when the following time thresholds are met:

  • Level 1-5 characters will be flagged as inactive if they have not been played in the last 30 days
  • Level 6-20 characters will be flagged as inactive if they have not been played in the last 90 days
  • Level 21-49 characters will be flagged as inactive if they have not been played in the last 365 days
  • Level 50 characters will never be flagged as inactive

When a character is flagged as inactive they are not immediately renamed. Instead, their name is simply no longer locked. This allows another player to create a character with that name, at which point the original character will be renamed.

You can remove the inactive flag on a character at any time simply by logging them in.

We will not be activating this policy for at least a two weeks (possibly longer), so if there are any names you don’t want to lose, please ensure you keep the above guidelines in mind!

This is a first pass on this policy, and we may modify it at a later date, however we will give at least 30 days notice for any changes related to releasing names.

Multiboxing Policy
We’d like to set in stone the rules around multiboxing. Primarily, these are focused around ensuring that those who choose to multibox don’t have an overly large impact on other players by over-using server resources. The rules are as follows:

  • You may not multibox on a shard that has more than 1500 players logged in
  • You may not use more than 3 accounts at once
  • You may not use more than one Mastermind at once (We’ve removed this restriction now, the above two rules still apply!)

We advise players that wish to multibox to stay away from Torchbearer and Everlasting, as they frequently go above 1500 players every evening.

If you are caught breaking any of the above rules when a shard has between 1500 and 1600 players logged in, you are expected to log off, and if you ignore requests to do so your accounts will receive a 24h ban. If you are caught breaking these rules repeatedly with more than 1600 players logged in, your accounts will receive immediate permanent bans.

This may seem harsh, but effectively policing this with a strike policy simply isn’t worth the effort – so if you want to multibox on the Homecoming servers, you need to play by our rules, and you need to take responsibility for monitoring the server population yourself. You can do this both on our website and in the #live-shards channel on our Discord.

Please note that this does not impact those of you who simply play together with friends and family on the same network. This only applies to those playing multiple accounts on their own at the same time.

And that’s all for today, thanks for sticking with us through that wall of text!

Now… Go. Hunt. Kill Skuls.


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