Outlaws of the Old West June 11th – Patch…

Outlaws of the Old West June 11th – Patch 1.2.2

Hey there travellers… this heat… it’s killer! Fortunately for us the tailor is now moving in, and you can buy clothes to beat the heat and weather the cold.

Client Update 5:00 PM Pacific
Estimated Downtime 30 Minutes

Changelog 6/11/19


  • Added tailor building where players may purchase clothing and customize colors and materials.
  • Fixed lag caused by generation of build information when replicating buildings.
  • Mineshaft exits are no longer damageable.
  • Mineshafts now exclusively choose mine instances that have not been used until all are taken before overlapping with other entrances.
  • Fixed large buildings never replicating in.
  • Fixed net saturation stopping individual items from ever showing up.
  • Fixed underwear mask when shirt is equipped.
  • Fixed underwear leg mesh being set with the wrong mask.
  • Optomized network data for buildings by a factor of 5.
  • Adjusted the net update consideration for many items that do not have constant property changes.
  • Fixed half stair exploit being used for raiding.

VFX & Assets:

  • Fixed price of Grizzly Bear Mount.
  • Fixed selling price for pelt to taxidermist.
  • Fixed some building configurations for half triangles that were wrong in some of the building kits.
  • Fixed position of Barn half triangle inverted wall.
  • Fixed physics for Blacksmith hanging sign.
  • Fixed physics of Tailor Shop Sign.


  • Implemented horses footsteps additional layers for different surfaces
  • Updated barn door open and close sfx
  • Added new placement sound for placing NPC characters
  • Updated new building pieces with correct placement sounds
  • Added pick up, place, drop and equip sounds for 60 new items (NPC’s, mounts, seeds, town gates and other props)
  • Updated foley cloth movement sfx – volume, pitch, class, attenuation and concurrency settings
  • Added clothes foley sounds to drunk animation
  • Added more detail to procedural sfx table
  • Added sfx to additional blacksmith work animation

Thanks for your support!

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