Here’s How Crowfall Is Rewriting Its Hunger…

Here’s How Crowfall Is Rewriting Its Hunger And Food System To Be More Fun

Howdy, folks!

Jack here with some good news for those of you who often find yourself feeling the pangs of hunger in Crowfall®. With the newest update, 5.92.0, we lowered the intensity of penalties for being hungry. This means you can spend more time destroying your enemies and less time stuffing your face!


Each character has an invisible stat called Subsistence. This stat calculates how much a piece of food is worth when eaten. This is tracked with a “food pool”, similar to health or stamina, that represents the amount of food they have consumed. Being well-fed is a great way to increase the amount of time you can spend adventuring, fighting or harvesting.

It’s represented by a UI widget that looks like a stack of chicken legs, affectionately referred to as “the chicken ticker” (to avoid confusion with our universe-threatened force of nature, the Hunger). It’s located with the other resource bars in the upper left of your screen. The fewer chicken legs on your bar, the hungrier you are.

Previously, once one-third of your chicken ticker was missing you would get the Hungry debuff. While Hungry, you wouldn’t regenerate your combat resource (Mana, Fury, Soul, etc.) until you ate. As you grew hungrier and hungrier, you would encounter the Famished and Starving debuffs, which would (in addition to the previous effects) also slow your stamina regeneration and eventually cause you to start taking damage. Not a state you want to be in when you’re an “Eternal” Hero!


The goal of this system is to employ some survival elements and make the act of finding, creating and eating food meaningful – the closer you get to winter the harder it is to find food. Characters need to eat regularly and thus take a break from whatever activity they are currently doing, effectively breaking up gameplay to keep it engaging.

We still like the survival element, but we want the challenge level to be fun rather than arduous. Although players should need to deal with hunger time-to-time, it doesn’t need to be something that is a constant drag on the play experience.


So, say goodbye to the Famished and Starving states. Now, we just have one state, Hungry, and the chicken ticker is also more forgiving overall. You won’t feel the pangs of hunger until ⅔ of your chicken ticker is consumed, allowing you to stay out and fight or craft even longer without needing to stop to chow down. Food will still play a key role in your character’s ability to survive and thrive, and the inclusion of buffs in cooking recipes will remain an important resource.

As always, we’ll try out this new setting and see if needs more adjustment up or down in the future. Let us know if this whets your appetite!


If you’re interested in more information about cooking in Crowfall, you’re in luck! We have two fantastic articles from Game Designer Valerie Kromas where you can learn more. In Cookin’ With Valkro, she gave an overview of the cooking system and the benefits you can expect with different recipes. In A Tasty Update, Valkro was back to discuss recipes that were in the works, and what unique reagents they’ll use. Plus, if you’re curious about how to gather those delicious ingredients, don’t miss the Wildcrafting article that I wrote with Creative Director J Todd Coleman.

Until next time, keep cookin’ and we’ll see you in-game!

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