Dungeons And Dragons Online Starts Testing…

Dungeons And Dragons Online Starts Testing Multiple Patches Ahead Of Update 43

Multi-Patch/Update Preview 7/24-7/26

Everything seen on the preview server, Lamannia, is not final and is subject to change or removal before live release.

Hello, all! We have a number of new features ready for player preview. Not all of these features will be coming to the live servers at the same time, but all of the below outlined features are available for preview now. The preview is expected to remain open until sometime in the evening of Friday July 26th. There is planned to be a Dev event on Wednesday July 24th from 8-10PM eastern where members of the DDO team will be available on Lamannia to answer questions and collect feedback in real time.

This preview is expected to contain the following features:

In addition to those main features there are an assortment of smaller changes and/or bugfixes which are listed below


  • Swords to Plowshares
    • There is a new general feat available – Swords to Plowshares. Requires +4 Base Attack Bonus, and is also available as a Monk Bonus feat at levels 1, 2, and 6. The feat grants Quarterstaves, Kamas, and Sickles a +1 Morale bonus to their Critical Threat Range.
    • The Thief Acrobat Core 2 (level 3) enhancement, Stick Fighting, now grants Swords to Plowshares regardless of if you meet the prerequisites for it.
  • Threat Generation
    • Stalwart Defender stance’s base threat increase is now 150%
    • Sacred Defender stance’s base threat increase is now 150%
    • Stalwart Defender’s Inciting Defense now adds 150%/300%/450% Competence Bonus to melee threat generation.
    • Stalwart Defender’s Threatening Countenance now adds 60%/120%/180% to melee threat generation.
    • Sacred Defender’s Inciting Defense now adds 150%/300%/450% Sacred Bonus to melee threat generation.
    • Nature’s Protector’s Fierce Defense now adds 150%/300%/450% Competence Bonus to melee threat generation.
  • The maximum number of extra Maximum Hitpoints you can benefit from in Reaper Mode (from taking Reaper Enhancements) is now gated by character level:
    • Level 1-5: Maximum of +50 Maximum Hit Points while in Reaper Mode
    • Level 6-10: Maximum of +100 Maximum Hit Points while in Reaper Mode
    • Level 11-15: Maximum of +200 Maximum Hit Points while in Reaper Mode
    • Level 16-20: Maximum of +400 Maximum Hit Points while in Reaper Mode
    • Level 21-25: Maximum of +800 Maximum Hit Points while in Reaper Mode
    • Level 26+: No Cap
  • New Epic Past Lives
    • Arcane Sphere: Ancient Knowledge
      • Arcane Past Life Stance: +3 MRR per stack of this past life.
      • Passive Bonus: +1% Absorption of Acid, Cold, Electric, and Fire damage per stack of this past life.
    • Divine Sphere: Ancient Blessings
      • Divine Past Life Stance: +5 Positive, Negative, and Repair Healing Amplification per stack of this past life. (This does not allow you to benefit from Negative/Repair healing if you do not normally do so.)
      • Passive Bonus: +3 PRR per stack of this Past Life.
    • Martial Sphere: Ancient Tactics
      • Active Bonus: +2 to Tactics DCs and +1 to Assassinate DCs per stack of this past life.
      • Passive Bonus: +2 AC per stack of this Past Life and +1 AC per ten character levels.
    • Primal Sphere: Ancient Power
      • Primal Past Life Stance: +2 to Attack per stack of this past life. If you are fighting in Two Handed Fighting style, you also gain +2 Damage per stack of this past life.
      • Passive Bonus: +3 maximum HP and +4 per ten character levels.
  • The spell Harm no longer has a facing requirement to be cast
  • Falconry: Killer Instinct is no longer classified as a “Debuff” for display purposes
  • Bardic Inspiration’s Heal over Time should be a lot quieter now
  • Sorcerer’s Fire Savant Fireball SLA should now respect the same homing/heading as the original spell
  • Fixed the tooltip for the fourth core of Nature’s Warrior to reflect that the bonus it grants is a +1 Competence Bonus to Critical Multiplier.
  • Favored Soul: Silence the Wicked no longer stops movement
  • Artificer’s Wrack Construct attack no longer stops movement
  • Healing Spring now properly casts on you no matter what you have targeted
  • Negative Energy Burst will no longer fail to cast based on erroneous targeting parameters
  • Driving Force (Barbarian Occult Slayer T4) now has the correct icon on your buff bar
  • Artificer: The effects of Converter are no longer removed on Rest.Disclaimer


  • The Quarterstaves Elemental Bloom and Bone Crusher – in all level variants – have had their critical profiles adjusted and base dice increased. All versions of Elemental Bloom are now 1d8 instead of 1d6, with a base critical threat range of 19-20/x3. All versions of Bone Crusher are now 18-20/x2, and the Epic and Mythic Bone Crusher are now at 5W instead of 2W.
  • The Epic Bone Crusher can now properly accept sentience. Known Issue: The Heroic Bone Crusher still accepts sentience erroneously, we’re not fixing it because it would destroy all of your Sentient XP, so you’re welcome 😛
  • Many items that have the Incite, Insightful Incite, or Quality Incite effect have had their values tripled.
  • Night Revels Ingredients have crumbled to dust
  • The Epic Purifying Quiver should now better keep track of your Bludgeoning Ammunition bypass
  • The Shattered Device and Shards of Mechanus filigree sets now work properly on ranged weapons
  • Kor Kaza Runes are now properly pluralized
  • Vistani Totems and Talismans are now properly pluralized
  • Dissolvers for Cannith Crafting no longer reference dissolveeffects
  • Reaper Bonuses on Goggles now function correctly
  • Fetters of the Forgewraith should now display their custom visual effects even while glamoured


  • Bane DR has been removed from all elementals. They have, instead, been given 20% resistance to slash/pierce/blunt.
  • Droaam Archers have had their appearances tweaked to correct a coloring issue.
  • Dragonborn enemies should now more easily reach and attack players that run from them.
  • Tactical Detonation cast by monsters no longer incorrectly uses monster duration scaling


  • The Grotto: The swimming section of the tutorial has been altered to be more easily navigated for new players.
  • No Refunds: Fixed a stuck spot in the end room of “No Refunds.”


  • Optional XP now ransacks down to 20% and never, for this particular life, recovers.
  • Launcher
    • LAUNCHER: The launcher will now dynamically update your position in line if you are in a login queue
    • LAUNCHER: The launcher will no longer bounce you between multiple login queues at random
    • LAUNCHER: New splash screens are now checked and downloaded, if needed, in parallel instead of one at a time. Hopefully this will reduce the time spent on this stage.
  • There is a new UI option (options -> UI Options -> Hide Guild Renown Chat Feedback) that will hide your guild chat feedback whenever you earn Renown. This does not affect earning renown, only your view of it.
  • Entering an Airship via any Airship Tower no longer brings up a dialogue box to confirm that you’d like to enter – instead, it will just teleport you directly.
  • Portal UI (difficulty) – when selecting Reaper difficulty, the Hard and Elite streak hover-overs now appear to glow when you are eligible for them

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