Crowfall Players Can Now Compete In…

Crowfall Players Can Now Compete In Crowfall’s Trial Of Gaea For A Stat-buffing Badgea

Trials of the Gods – Power has its privilege!

Compete in a series of challenging factional trials hosted by the gods that will test the depth of your power and loyalty to them! Prevail and emerge victorious to claim a sigil enhanced with the power of the gods. Attach the sigil as a badge of honor on your chest.

Compete and Defeat to win!

Defeat your enemies and emerge victorious to win a rare sigil, each enhanced with a special power infused by the power of the Gods and emblazoned with the icon of the hosting god.


Gaea was the most noble of the gods; loving and sympathetic and caring honestly for the least of her children…which makes her death all the more tragic.

In every world and age, storytellers argue the mystery of Gaea’s death. Who is the villain? What was the cause? Every bard sings a different tale, yet the end is the same: Gaea died; her blood scattered, her divinity spilled.

Her greedy sisters, the trees, did drink their fill – a desperate attempt to inherit her warmth. And thus they became the Trees of Life, faint whispers of Gaea’s last breath, ghastly pyres of the Earth Mother’s own making. We use them as a thin shield against the encroaching Hunger, although we know it will not last. The light fades, the warmth falters… and when the Trees go dark, her children will be no more.

  • Start: August 14 at 4PM CDT (NA) / 4PM CEST (EU)
  • End: September 3 at 10PM CDT (NA) / 10PM CEST (EU)

Note: To enter and fight in the Trial of Gaea players must be Level 20.

Win Conditions

  • Gold Sigil of Gaea
    • Winning Faction:
      • Top 30% of players in each of the following two scores:
        • Crafting Score
        • Captures Score
    • 2nd Place Faction:
      • Top 20% of players in each of the following two scores:
        • Crafting Score
        • Captures Score
    • 3rd Place Faction:
      • Top 10% of players in each of the following two scores:
        • Crafting Score
        • Captures Score
  • Silver Sigil of Gaea
    • All Other Players who make the Leaderboard during the Trial.

The Sigil of Gaea gives those who wear it a powerful stat boosts of +5 Harvesting Efficiency which reduces the amount of stamina used when harvesting resource nodes, a boost to your harvesting energy!

Note: To qualify for a reward badge, YOU MUST BE LISTED ON THE LEADERBOARD. To be listed, you must kill or be killed by another player, or create crafted items during the trial campaign that have a Sacrifice value.


  • The Trial of Gaea starts on August 14 at 4PM CDT (NA) / 4PM CEST (EU) and ends on September 3 at 8PM CDT (NA) / 8M CEST (EU).
  • To enter and play in the Trial campaign your character must be Level 20.
  • The Sigil of Gaea offers a +5 Harvesting Efficiency!
    You must have the Sigil attached to the character in order to gain the stat bonus.
  • Badges are bound to an account; they cannot be looted or traded and they do not decay.
  • Place Sigil in the World Bank or Vault to trade between characters.
  • Sigils are subject to Import/Export rules of campaigns; be careful not to use it in campaigns where it cannot be exported out again.
  • Badges are treated as Backer Rewards, they are refreshed when worlds are reset.

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