Neverwinter Patch Notes: Version: NW….

Neverwinter Patch Notes: Version: NW.115.20190729e.17

Known Issues

  • Oathkeeper Paladin: Prayer of Opportunity and Critical Touch can sometimes incorrectly proc while outside of combat.



Content and Environment


  • Protector’s Enclave: There’s no longer a strange floating pillar in a tree near the Hall of Justice.
  • Undermountain: Sphere of Influence: Runemaster Sinyé has found her stock of unstable rune-etched orbs and has put them back up for sale.


Icewind Dale

  • Major Heroic Encounters in Icewind Pass and Dwarven Valley now appear roughly every 20 minutes, down from 90 minutes.
  • The participation requirement for Heroic Encounter completion credit in Icewind Pass and Dwarven Valley has been reduced; it should be easier to get credit.



  • Tomb of the Nine Gods now requires an Item Level of 16,000, up from 15,000. It now scales item level to 17,000, up from 16,000.
  • Castle Ravenloft now requires an Item Level of 18,000, up from 16,000. It now scales item level to 19,000, up from 17,000.



Combat and Powers

Classes and Balance

  • Barbarian (Sentinel)
    • Crushing Advance’s damage reduction effect now lasts 12 seconds, up from 10 seconds.
    • Crushing Advance is now a standard “Damage Down” effect, and no longer stacks with other sources of “Damage Down” (such as Geas or Ray of Enfeeblement).
  • Fighter (Vanguard)
    • Kneebreaker no longer incorrectly causes a “Damage Down” effect under certain circumstances.
  • Paladin (Oathkeeper)
    • Circle of Divinity now properly states that it lasts for 12 seconds, down from 16. (This is only a tooltip change; the power had lasted 12 seconds before.)



  • Combat companions no longer deal an absurd amount of damage.
  • Yojimbo: The power “kawari” has been changed to provide the yojimbo an additional 10% damage dealt for 5 seconds. It now always activates, instead of having a chance to do so.



  • Cancelling a revive no longer causes the target player to gain a stack of Rez Sickness.



Enemies and Encounters


  • Permafrost, when used by Storvald (in Svardborg) or Drufi (in Fangbreaker Island), no longer incorrectly causes players to lose certain self-buffs and effects.


Tower of the Mad Mage

  • Tower of the Mad Mage will now properly unlock on Saturday, August 24th, at 10:00 PDT (17:00 UTC) for players who have unlocked it in the campaign.
  • Duumvirate now originates from the mid-line of Halaster, instead of a few feet in front of him.
  • Halaster now prioritizes damage-dealers (DPS) before healers when casting Eruption.
  • Halaster now becomes immune to damage when he finishes activating Sunfall.
    • Dev note: Because players cannot win the encounter if they’re all dead, we wanted to prevent the case where DoTs could take him down to 0% after his ultimate, but still leave players without a victory.
  • Halaster now properly resets during Sunfall if all players are defeated or the arena is empty.
  • Magnetic Attraction no longer has a chance to immediately fire when a tethered partner dies.
  • Magnetic Attraction now properly disappears when a tethered partner dies.
  • When shifting phase to Sunfall, Halaster now consistently cleans up certain environmental hazards and creeping ice.


Stardock Expedition

  • The Dragon Knight is now CC immune.




Items and Economy


  • Chipped Siegebreaker’s Battle Horn no longer spams the player with errors when used.
  • Invocation now properly provides XP when done between levels 71 and 80.
  • One of the Moonstone Dye Packs has now been renamed to Fartouched Dye Pack.
  • PvP now properly awards Glory and XP to players levels 71-80.
  • Striking Ring of the Veteran now properly provides Critical Strike instead of Armor Penetration.
  • Three dye packs that were listed in Appearances, but weren’t in the game, are now properly in the Trade Bar Store.


Item Powers

  • The Lionheart weapon set bonus now also increases outgoing healing.
  • The “Undermountain Hunter” armor power now properly functions in Tower of the Mad Mage and other maps new to Uprising.



  • Waukeen’s Golden Chest no longer incorrectly grants deprecated profession resources.




User Interface


  • A color swatch now appears in the color option tooltip.
  • Dragonborn now properly have access to the Head slot.
  • The color option tooltip now shows all places in the current appearance where the color is used.


Gear Preview

  • A placeholder “Empty” item no longer incorrectly appears in Preview Window fashion slots.



  • The positions of the Vanity Pet and Fashion bags are now swapped.



  • When clicking on the upcoming season ad, the event information now properly displays above the window.



Animation, Audio, Character Art, and Effects

Visual Effects

  • Halaster’s explosion on Death from Above now draws correctly when the comet crashes into the arena.
  • The Plane Shatter effect now has a more appropriate end when the players succeed at the mechanic.





  • Localization has been updated for French, German, Italian, and Russian locales.
  • Players who play in the Polish, Portuguese, and Turkish locales should now properly see English text instead of “UNTRANSLATED” strings in certain locations.

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