Black DesertPatch Notes – 21st August 2019

Greetings Adventurers,

Since Velia is one of the major cities of the world of Black Desert Online, it was time to invest and rebuild the wharf. From this week on, Velia will be a bit different than what you used to know with a new tavern and a new wharf! Take some time and come visit the revamped Velia!

Also this week, the Adventurer Support Program is starting. Don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of these special attendance rewards and more!

Take a look at the rest of the patch notes to learn more about this week’s updates.



[New Events]

  • Adventurer Support Program Part 1
    • Event 1: Special Attendance Rewards
      • Period: August 22 00:00 UTC – September 11 23:59 UTC
      • Special 2-week attendance promotion offering Artisan’s Memory and Advice of Valks!
    • Event 2: Loyal Attendance Rewards
      • Period: August 22 00:00 UTC – September 25 23:59 UTC
      • Enjoy refreshed set of Loyal attendance rewards
    • Event 3: Playtime Challenge
      • Period: August 22 00:00 UTC – September 4 23:59 UTC
      • Play daily and win rewards including Item Collection Increase Scroll based on your accumulated playtime.
      • Bonus: More Combat EXP, More Skill EXP!
        • Period: August 21 (after maintenance)–September 4 (before maintenance)
        • Combat EXP +200% & Skill EXP +30%!
        • Please note that the additional EXP boost applies only to the FEVER TIME period.
    • Click <HERE> to see the full details of this exciting promotion for adventurers to celebrate the new term!


[Ongoing Events]

  • The Golden Current: August 7 (after maintenance) – August 28 (before maintenance)
  • Mysteries of Summer Continues: A Tale of a Fallen Kingdom: July 24 (after maintenance) – August 28 (before maintenance)
  • Terrmian Waterpark: July 17 (after maintenance) – August 28 (before maintenance)
    • Please be reminded Terrmian Waterpark related items, daily quests, and minigames will all be deleted when the event ends.
    • Please make sure to exchange and/or consume all event-related items before the event ends with August 28 maintenance.


[Ended Events]

  • Monster Zone Event
  • Fish Golden Coelacanth Event!
  • Burn the Night Away!
    • Available until August 21 23:59 UTC
  • Shai Talent Update Events



  • Unnecessary logs will no longer be registered to the Black Desert log files when you run the game.
  • Reduced loading time when starting the game.
  • Fixed the issue where the maximum number of goods available for transport was displayed as 100.
  • The price range of the Central Market was decreased as follows.
    • <Before Change> Standard range of the Base Price +/- 10% → <Now> +/- 7.5%
  • You can now purchase any +13-15 Green-rating gears selectively (choose Enhancement Level) as they are now grouped together in the Central Market.
    • The existing registered +14 and +15 gears were returned to your Mail (B).



[Game World]

  • The wharf at Velia has received a brand new look!
    • The Wharf at Velia was revamped since the Chief of Velia, Igor Bartali, expanded its wharf and opened a tavern called “Dancing Marlin.”
    • Croix the Wharf Manager and Robert the Guild Wharf Manager moved to the brand new wharf.
    • The flock of seagulls that used to appear in this area moved to another nearby area, away from people.


  • Now, whenever you board a big ship, the character’s size will be adjusted to fit the ship’s scale.
    • You will now feel that there is more space than before whenever you board a Galley, Epheria Sailboat, Epheria Frigate, or other big ships. This space will be ample enough for you and your Party and/or Guild members.
  • You will now remotely collect your mount to Valencia City, instead of Muiquun, if your character’s Karma is equal to or higher than 0. Hence, interaction with the stable keeper of Muiquun will be possible only if your character’s Karma is lower than 0.
    • You will collect your mount to Muiquun just as before if your character’s Karma is lower than 0.
    • All mounts that had been checked in to the Stable in Muiquun were transferred to the Stable in Valencia.



[By Class]


  • Fixed the issue where Riding the Wind was triggered first instead of Ultimate: Evasive Shot and Extreme: Charging Wind when entering SPACE after having learned Evasive Shot III, Absolute: Evasive Shot, and Riding the Wind.
    • However, after using Ultimate: Evasive Shot, Riding the Wind will be triggered just as before.


  • Removed the controls from Fearsome Tyrant and Giant Leap in the skill description of Black Spirit’s Rage 100% and 200%.


  • Removed the controls from the skill description of Black Spirit’s Rage 100% and 200%.


  • Removed the controls from the skill description of Black Spirit’s Rage 100% and 200%.


  • The control method and the skill effect from the Breath of the Spirit’s skill description will now be displayed separately.


  • Added Dye Talent Instrument function in the Dye (J) window.
    • When selecting Sol, you can choose either Tring, Tute, or Tamtam. By clicking the instrument you can change the type of instrument and dye the instrument.
  • You can now use One-Two-Three by right-clicking after using Hop or Tuck-and-Roll forward. The connection from one skill to another is also more natural.
    • Improved the connection from Twirl to Hop III to be more natural.
    • Improved the triggering speed of Hop III to be faster.
    • Fixed the issue where One-Two-Three was triggered intermittently when entering ↓ + right-click.


  • Added description of the number of slots needed when installing the Irrigation System and the Scarecrow in the garden.
  • You will now acquire Red Mercury, Obsidian Dust, Golden Mirage, and Samoga’s Molar at a lower rate.
  • For details on newly added Pearl Shop Update, please click < Here > !


  • The monsters from the regions below will now respawn two times faster than before after they die.
    • Although this change was valid for the event period, it will be applied permanently from now on.
    • The time reduction effect that was being applied before today’s update will continue. Thus no additional time will be deduced for the monsters to appear after they die.
  • Mediah
    • Shultz Guards Post
    • Hasrah Ancient Ruins
    • Manes Hideout
    • Wandering Rogue Den
  • Kamasylvia
    • Forest Ronaros
    • Polly’s Forest
    • Navarn Steppe
  • Valencia
    • Bashim Base
    • Basilisk Den
    • Roud Sulfur Mine
    • Titium Valley
    • Cadry Ruins
    • Waragon Nest
    • Centaurus Herd
    • Pila Ku Jail
  • Drieghan
    • Tshira Ruins
    • Blood Wolf Settlement
    • Sherekhan Necropolis (Day)
  • Others
    • Protty Cave
    • Sycraia Underwater Ruins (Upper Zone)




  • Changed the Quest Conditions text of the quests “A Time of Rest Before the Journey” and “Appreciate Berchen Fountain.” Also, added extra investigation methods in the quest summary of the quest “Appreciate Berchen Fountain.”


  • Fixed the issue where the Waiting to Purchase and Waiting to Sell texts were not displayed even when there is enough space in Purchase and Sell windows of the Central Market.
  • Fixed the issue where the Promotion window covered the Price in Pearls displayed at the bottom when pressing a tab for the first time after having selected Hot & New Tab and then another tab at Pearl Shop (F3).
  • The Skill window will no longer close even if you press the Learn Skill button once more while having activated the Learn Skill window from the Skill Instructor NPC.
  • The “open” message for Dark Rift will no longer be displayed when entering the Altar of Blood, Red Battlefield, Savage Rift, or Arena of Arsha.
  • Changed the icon and the function of some buttons in certain NPCs’ chat window.
    • The exchange icon and the calculator UI that appears when making an exchange will no longer be displayed in those buttons that do not need them.


  • Fixed the issue where you could put an item from the Storage to the Transportation window when selecting “There is no transport method available.” after selecting the destination while having used all wagons from the send tab of the Transport menu.
  • The Item Reform will now be cancelled if you press ESC while the Item Reform is in process.
  • Fixed the issue where the number of skills displayed in the New Skill Available icon at the bottom of the game screen was not updated to the latest number when resetting the skills from the Skill (K) window.
  • Fixed the issue where you could register Vell’s Heart as a Polishing or Growth target in Polishing or Growth tabs from the Alchemy Stone window.
  • Fixed the overlapping issue of the text with the portrait in the UI that aids the quest progression during the quest “My Little First Pony.”
  • You can no longer exchange the Catfishman Scale you can obtain from hunting the Freshwater Crocodile with an NPC.
  • Fixed the issue where the character was trapped when going up a fence with guild flags in front of the Marketplace in Velia.
  • Fixed the issue where the character could not get out of the water when entering the water in certain areas of the Tooth Fairy Forest.
  • Fixed the issue where you couldn’t gather the coral in a certain area of the Arsha Coast.
  • Fixed the issue where the road in certain areas of the Cyclops Land was not displayed in the minimap.
  • Fixed the issue where you could break into the cliff in certain place of the Coastal Cave.
  • Fixed the issue where a rock in a certain place around the Saunil Battlefield looked unnatural.
  • Fixed the issue where the Casting Speed -1 effect appeared in the section that belongs to buffs when using Strawberry.
  • Fixed the issue where the completion NPC for the quest “To Gyfin Rhasia Temple” was not displayed correctly.
  • Fixed the issue where the knowledge of Blue Tang was categorized as Fish Species.
  • You can now gain the Title “Saw Donatt’s Journal” when completing the quest “Donatt’s Will.”
  • [Shai] Fixed the issue where the backside of the neck looked unnatural when equipping Serendian Soldier Armor.
  • [All Characters] Fixed the issue where the character didn’t Roll when entering SHIFT + W/A/S/D after crouching by pressing Q while unequipped.
  • [All Characters] You can no longer trigger the Evasion skill if your Main Weapon is unequipped.
  •  [Berserker] Fixed the issue where an adventurer from a far distance could see the camera effect of your Feral Rage, an enhanced skill.
  • [Archer] Fixed the issue where the recovery effect of Exhale did not apply to your allies when there was a World Boss summoned.
  • [Archer] Fixed the issue where your allies’ Processing was cancelled when using Exhale with Greatbow.
  • Fixed the issue where abnormal actions were displayed when failing to check in your mount to the Stable while on the mount.
  • [Shai] Fixed the issue where the character’s underwear was partially shown above the top when equipping the Marina Romance outfit.
  • Partially fixed the issue where the game occasionally crashed.
  • Added a notification message that explains some UIs may not be displayed normally when selecting resolution settings below a certain level from ESC menu → Settings  → Display  → Game Window  → Screen Resolution Setting.
  • Changed the order of the setting categories in Game Window.
    • The categories will be displayed in the following order: Game Window Settings – Screen Resolution Setting – UI Scale – Crop Mode.
  • In NPC Gifting, Favorite Items will now give Amity proportional to that item’s standard price in Central Market.


[Known Issue]

[Updated 8/23]

  • Originally the 3-pearl deal item sold from 8/23 (09:00 UTC)–8/24 (09:00 UTC) was showing Elion’s Blessing. However, the actual item deal offered in-game is Elion’s Tear and we apologize for the text error. Please note we corrected the event page to reflect the actual item sold in-game, but it was impossible to correct the name displayed in Pearl Shop in time.

[Updated 8/26]

  • Elion’s Blessing will be offered additionally for 3 pearls again from 9/4 (12:00 UTC) – 9/5 (09:00 UTC). We apologize for the confusion once again.


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