Crowfall’s Latest Event Rewards Players For…

Crowfall’s Latest Event Rewards Players For Collecting Skulls



  • *Eligibility: To qualify to win a reward skull, you must be listed on the leaderboards in the Trial of Gaea. To be listed, you must kill or be killed by another player or create crafted items during the trial campaign that have a Sacrifice value.
  • Start/End of Event: The action begins Friday, August 30 at 9 AM CDT/4 PM CEST and ends Tuesday, September 3 at 9 AM CDT/4 PM CEST.
  • Reward: Each eligible participant receives one skull belt accessory with the bonus stat of +2% Critical Hit Chance and +2% Critical Healing Chance. Rewards are to be redeemed in-game with the release of the 5.110 game update. These accessories cannot be traded or looted but can be shared among the characters on your account.
  • Point Scoring: Each head that is collected and sacrificed to the gods at a brazier in the Trial of Gaea counts as one point for the faction of the person who sacrificed it. Only skulls collected and sacrificed in the campaign world will count toward the tally. Both NA and EU campaigns scores are added by Faction.
  • Beheading: You’ll need to be in your Survival tray to use a Deathblow ability. You’ll also need to press and hold the ‘F’ key to activate the ability. Allow a bit of time when taking aim – the strike isn’t instant and will require a wind-up before you can deliver the coup de grâce. Beware, your dead enemy may try to release their Crow before your strike.
  • Equipment: In order to behead a vanquished enemy, you’ll need a runestone (spirit) axe, the same kind of axe used to chop down trees but a special “spirit” version (blue glowing). This can be crafted at a runemaking crafting table or purchased from other players.
    • Runestone (spirit) axe: To craft a runestone (spirit) axe, you’ll need parchment, which can be crafted at a woodworking table, plus ore, wood, and ethereal dust.
    • Find a runemaking table in a Temple, Fort or Keep. A runemaking table can be identified by runes engraved on the front and glow rising above it. Use ‘F’ to open the crafting menu and click on the ‘Runemaking’section, then the ‘Runes’ subsection.
    • Assemble a “Sigil: Axe.” This requires one parchment paper and four ore of any kind or quality.
    • Assemble an “Unmarked Runestone.” This requires three wood or three stone of any kind or quality.
    • Under “Runes > Runestone: Harvesting Tools”, add the “Sigil: Axe, Unmarked Runestone”, and two ethereal dust to the appropriate slots and assemble.
    • Alternatively, you can visit the marketplace in your faction Temple or the “Free City” in the center of the campaign worlds to purchase one from the player vendors. (They will have a coin purse icon over their heads).

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