Blade & Soul: Storm of Arrows Arrives…

Blade & Soul: Storm of Arrows Arrives September 18

Register now for a FREE Zen Archer Bullseye Pack containing the new Archangel Costume set!

Load your quivers and get ready for the new Zen Archer class with the launch of Blade & Soul: Storm of Arrows on September 18. Level up your new Zen Archer as you prepare to face new foes in the Cathedra Cliffs and gather your allies to storm the new Throne of Oblivion raid dungeon. You’ll even get to discover new legendary weapons and accessories, as well as some new game systems that will enhance your Blade & Soul experience even further.

First things first, though – to celebrate the arrival of the new Zen Archer class, we’re giving players a FREE Zen Archer Bullseye Pack just by registering their NCSOFT Account before September 13.

If your account was created before 10:00 a.m. PDT today, September 4, and has at least one level 10 character on it, click here to head to the update page to register up for your Zen Archer Bullseye Pack!  On September 18, you can claim these items to use on your new Zen Archer character or any other character on your account.

Register for the Zen Archer Bullseye Pack

The Zen Archer Bullseye Pack include the following items:

  • Archangel Costume
    • If you’re going to fill an enemy with arrows, look good doing it
  • Archangel Hair Adornment
    • Keep the hair out of your eyes when aiming with this lovely add-on
  • Archangel Earrings
    • These shiny baubles might help distract your enemies, moments before they’re impaled with your arrows
  • Special Hongmoon XP Charm x2
    • Boost up your Hongmoon Experience with these lucky charms
  • Radiant Core x10
    • Can be exchanged for some useful trinkets
  • Radiant Nebula Stone
    • A useful resource needed to upgrade one’s heart and soul

In the coming days, we’ll be offering an in-depth preview of the new Zen Archer class, previews of the new heroic dungeon and raid dungeon, as well as information on the new legendary items and game system updates. Stay tuned for these sneak peek previews and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates as we inch closer to the forthcoming release of Blade & Soul: Storm of Arrows on September 18!

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