Fallen Earth Servers Going Offline 10/2

This is a bit bittersweet for me.


Prior to September 22nd, we will be launching the first all new event in honor of the 10 year anniversary for Fallen Earth.

We hope that players will enjoy what we have planned, because this will now be their last chance to play the current game with their friends.


I’m sad to announce that effective 10/2 (or there about based on when the event goes live), we will be taking the Fallen Earth servers offline.


Unfortunately after weeks of monitoring things and getting players feedback, I have determined the current state of Fallen Earth just isn’t sustainable in its current form.

You guys have been very tolerant, but the player experience is terrible right now. It’s laggy and buggy. Servers crash quite often, and stacking is still disabled due to exploits.

I don’t blame the player base for the low concurrency numbers. You need a better game to play.


For clarity, I am still committed to the new version of the game that we have been working on.

However we are still very early into development, so there isn’t a timeline I can provide yet.


I want to personally thank everyone for their support over the last 17 months. Fallen Earth is still one of my favorite projects.

I look forward to giving it the proper attention it deserves.


EDIT: We will be turning on Commander for everything till the servers are turned off.

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