Batman & Catwoman Skins Coming To Fortnite…

Batman & Catwoman Skins Coming To Fortnite According To Leaks!

It looks like it has been pretty much confirmed that Batman and Catwoman skins are coming to Fortnite very soon! Epic announced the reveal of Fortnite x Batman will be coming on September 21st at 8am EST. Ahead of the announcement, there’s been a couple of leaks that have confirmed the existence of both a Batman and Catwoman cosmetic!


Batman X Fortnite has officially been announced and is available in item and cash shop!

Batman Caped Crusader Pack

This one is only available via the cash shop for $19.99 USD. You get two skins, two back blings, one glider and pickaxe!

Catwoman & Other Skins

These can all be purchased with V-Bucks in the Item Shop. The Jeweled Cat Back Bling comes with the Catwoman Outfit!


Catwoman was first confirmed via the Brazil(?) version of Fortnite leaking it via their updated news section:

Source Lucas7yoshi

Here’s a better look at the skin, back bling, and harvesting tool:

The confirmation of the Batman skin was met with more speculation because it was found via a sketchy looking screenshot:

This apparently came from the Google News application and was later confirmed by a person who recorded the advertisement:

The image shows off a pretty sweet looking glider and multiple versions of Batman which will likely be styles you can choose from. We previously got some other Batman related leaks in the form of other gliders, a spray, and a couple of banners. Most of these leaks are going to be part of the Welcome to Gotham City Challenges that should be releasing very soon!

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