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Latest Lord Of The Rings Online Patch Notes Suggests Stout Axe Dwarves Could Hit Today

Update 24.3 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 24.3, released on Wednesday, September 25th.

News and Notes:


  • The Elevenses Emote now works more consistently, and food items will disappear if the emote is interrupted.


  • Three new inventory slots have been added to the character panel. These slots will accept new cosmetic weapon aura items which can also be equipped cosmetically through the outfit system.
  • Some stats have been updated on Isengard gear to be more in line with modern values.
  • A new big bumblebee cosmetic pet has been added to the game and is available for Gúlmarks in the Vales of Anduin.
  • A new pig cosmetic pet has been added to the game and is available for Vales – Elf Tokens.
  • Level scaling for stats on the Earring Gifts of the High Elves and the Shield of the Hammerhand have been improved, particularly at high levels.
  • Level scaling for the Universal Morale Potion and the Max Morale and Power Scrolls have been improved at higher levels.


  • Fixed a locomotion issue with Stone-Giants in the Vales of Anduin – Gladdenmere.


  • High Elves now drop Elf-ears.
  • The Monster Play Character Selection screen has been updated with a more modern look.

Quests and Adventure Areas
The travel route from Cerin Amroth to Egladil in Lothlorien now functions correctly.

  • Corrected an issue that could cause travel vendor mounts to lose their established travel routes.

The Guardian’s Hammer Down skill now animates correctly when using a spear.

Class selection in the Character Creation screen now shows iconic class-specific armour appearances. The visual change is only for character generation, and does not affect the appearance of starting character armour.

  • Capped Earning Virtue alerts will no longer display on login when all Virtues are capped, and clicking on the alert will open the Virtue Traits panel.
  • When a player joins either a Quest or Instance Grouping Request, a new alert will show with a tooltip that shows a player is interested in grouping. Clicking on the alert will open either the Quest Grouping panel, or the Instance Finder, depending on the group that was joined. Unlike other alerts, this alert will auto-dismiss after 30 seconds.


  • The OpenAL Soft DLL has been updated.

Known Issues:

The Stout-axe Introduction has some lines pending translation into French and German.

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