Wakfu’s Latest Update, The Return Of The…

Wakfu’s Latest Update, The Return Of The Thirsters, Is Now Live

Are you ready for the Return of the Thirsters? Grab your bamboo milk bottles and get ready to quench a few of these shambling creeps!

Update 1.65 is now online! Here’s what’s in store:

  • The offerings and steles gameplay mechanic that gives you access to a major cooperative quest.
  • Universal mount skins that can now be used on any mountMore details here.
  • Balancing of the Iop, Sram, Cra, Pandawa and Ouginak classes.
  • The Pandalucia quest continues, taking you to two of the most iconic locations in the World of Twelve

One glance at the name of this update reveals the terrible truth: The Thirsters, the wandering creatures we first met in The Night of the Thirsters (WAKFU animated series, season 2, episode 13), are already shambling your way in-game. So don’t just stand there, gear up and jump in!

You can find all the changes here.


The Thirster Pack, featuring new items:

  • 30-Day God Booster
  • 3 extra Mineral Tower Tickets: Powerful Feca Incantations (linked to accounts)
  • Thirster costume (New!)
  • Thirster Haven Bag kit (New!)
  • Bamboo Nine-Milkimeter Emote (New!)


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