Last Oasis release has been postponed

New Early Access launch expected for early 2020

Dear Nomads,

After collecting lots of feedback from our beta testers, we came to the conclusion that Last Oasis has not yet reached the level of quality we want to offer to you.

Because of that, we are postponing the Early Access release to the first quarter of 2020. A specific new date will be announced when we will be 200% confident with it.

We are going to use the next months to improve the quality of the gameplay and add more content to keep you engaged with Last Oasis. This means more mechanics, items, creatures, buildings, features and end-game activities to please both the PVE and PVP crowds. And, of course, a lot of refinements to the existing features.

Our community will always be the first place to announce any new update and keep you included in the conversation about the game. On our Discord server you can expect to get important information before anyone else, see sneak peeks, get exclusive contents and goodies. We are also working on implementing in-game rewards for everyone that engaged in this community before the release. And without further ado, we would like to present you our latest teaser to show how much the game has progressed so far – and it will only get better from now on.

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