Planetside Arena’s Next Update Will…

Planetside Arena’s Next Update Will Dynamically Tweak Safe Zones And Pain Fields For Low Population Matches


Highlights include Underbarrel Enhancements, Combat Improvements, a new Dynamic Pain Field System, Performance Improvements, Bug Fixes and additional Anti-Cheat Measures.

Global PC servers will come down on Thursday, October 3 at 9:00 AM PDT / 6:00 PM CEST to bring you the new game update. Estimated downtime is 3 hours.  

Hey Mercenaries!

We just wrapped up the final changes for our weekly update and are preparing to publish Thursday the 3rd in all regions.

While the Dev team continues to focus on overall game polish and improvements, our goal this week was centered around match pacing and escalating squad to squad engagement. Therefore, we’ve incorporate a new system that allows us to adjust the Pain Field behavior dynamically, based on match population. As you may or may not know, our first map was created to support up to 1000+ players for the upcoming modes we plan to release. In an effort to not spread Squads too broadly across such a massive map, we’ve incorporate a new dynamic system that adjusts based on match population thresholds. As a result, Squad engagement should be much quicker and overall match completion times should be noticeably shorter when starting pops are low.

We also made several enhancements to the weapon underbarrels that make them accessible across all weapon lines and generally more intuitive to use. Watching streams this week where players weren’t aware underbarrels even existed made it evident these changes were necessary. Several additional weapon-related enhancements and bug fixes were made as well – see details below.

Other improvements include adding communication with Squadmates that are still alive when spectating, several combat improvements, performance optimizations and additional anti-cheat measures.

We’ve also had a ton of fun watching everyone participate in our flash weekend events! Based on the engagement we’ve seen so far, we’re getting ready to start expanding with an evolved event structure that will offer players more opportunities to compete for supremacy and earn special prizes! More on that very soon, but start thinking of who you’ll recruit to cover your six, Squad Leader!

Thank you all again for your dedication and continued feedback – please keep it coming so we can continue to improve and evolve the game!

Until next time, we’ll see you in the Arena!

-The PlanetSide Arena Dev Team




  • Dynamic Pain Field Improvements:
    • In order to escalate squad engagement more quickly during low-population times, we’ve made several adjustments to the location Squads drop in and pain field behavior. During lower population matches, Squads will deploy closer to the initial safe zone and in proximity to other Squads.  In addition, depending on match population thresholds being met, the time between phases and speed at which the pain field moves will vary – the lower the population, the shorter the wait times between phases and faster the pain field migration.
  • Message of the Day rotator has been added to the Main Menu.  Keep an eye on this, as we will be promoting some exciting upcoming events in Planetside Arena shortly.
  • Spectators are now allowed to voice chat with their teammates.
  • Weapon Underbarrel Enhancements:
    • Underbarrels are now available at all weapon rarities. Upgrading your weapon decreases underbarrel cooldown.
    • Underbarrels are now accessible via their own key (default: B) instead of by tapping the weapon number twice.
      • This key binding can be adjusted in settings, and there is also a setting for “legacy underbarrel key” to allow for the weapon number to still be used
    • Players can now interrupt reloads to switch to their Underbarrel.
  • Improved headshot, body shot, shield break, and vehicle hit indicator sound effects.
  • Mini-map is now fully zoomed out by default at the start of matches.
  • Default mods are now automatically equipped for new players.
  • Match End Screens now show Revives and Damage Done (removed Nanites and Accuracy).
  • Cleaned up the main menu 12-player lobby.
  • Optimized Lobby data updates for performance improvement.
  • Additional anti-cheat improvements.




  • Fixed an issue that could cause shield-break audio to loop even when the shield has fully recharged.
  • Safeguarded code to prevent deployables such as Engineer turrets being placed underground.
  • Players are now able to voice chat while they are downed.
  • Mouse button inputs are now recognized on the main menu for push-to-talk.
  • Teammates leaving the match no longer cause a respawn waypoint to briefly appear.
  • Player Report window no longer closes when transitioning to spectate.
  • Spectate: Players who swap weapons while aiming down sights no longer appear to still be in ADS despite being in hip fire.
  • Nearby Engineers no longer appear to have their head sink into their torso while moving.
  • Fixed zoomed in recoil animation with Epic and Legendary heavy blasters.
  • Fixed first-person heavy blaster reload animations occasionally failing to play.
  • Fixed occasional double reload audio playing.
  • Fixed numerous text issues with Mods and Challenges.

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