Blade & Soul’s Halloween Event Returns On…

Blade & Soul’s Halloween Event Returns On October 16

A ghoulish event comes to the Earthen Realm—join us for some frightening fun!

Blade & Ghoul is just around the corner! It’s the time of the year when ghoulish horrors come out to creep around the Earthen Realm, which means there’s many opportunities to defeat these nightmarish enemies for some devilishly good rewards!

Candycloud Park

  • Event Duration: October 16 – November 13
  • Redemption Period: October 16 – December 11

Papa Pazhu has booked Candycloud Park for his daughter Opal’s birthday. He would love nothing more than for his daughter to spend her birthday enjoying a decadent soirée in the special amusement park nestled in the clouds above Jadestone Village, and celebrate with her favorite heroes, the “Four Guardians.” He’s invited all of Opal’s friends to come and celebrate this special occasion. Unfortunately, two nightmarish troublemakers – Yippi and Skippi – have learned about the party and have decided to crash it.

Help Papa Pazhu save Opal’s birthday from the party crashers so that he can bring a smile to his daughter’s face.

Accept the Candycloud on the Horizon quest from your quest journal and then head over to Jadestone Village to enter the Candycloud Park instance through a portal. Give your all to defeat both Yippi and Skippi, and you’ll earn some sweet rewards.

Once the introductory quest is completed, you’ll receive the daily quest, Candycloud Calamity, which will reward you with one Pumpkin Spice Candy per day. Pumpkin Spice Candy can also be obtained from completing the following Weekly Raids:

Raid Dynamic Quest Pumpkin Spice Candy
Fallen Aransu School Aransu Has Fallen 4
Snowjade Fortress The Eternal Champion 4
Hall of the Keeper Fall of the Machines 2
Hall of the Templar Templar Tussle 2

Pumpkin Spice Candy will also be available as a Daily Login Reward, and finally more Pumpkin Spice Candy can be obtained from Halloween boxes, which can be acquired by completing each of the following Daily Quests:

Day Dungeon 1 Daily Quest 1 Dungeon 2 Daily Quest 2
Monday Starstone Mines The Leader of the Pack Sandstorm Temple Bad Karma
Tuesday Drowning Deeps Roiling in the Deeps Ransacked Treasury Live by the Sword
Wednesday The Shadowmoor Shadowmoor Rising Dreamsong Theater Setting the Stage for Revenge
Thursday Brood Chamber Brood Awakening Hollow’s Heart Horrors of the Hollow
Friday Starstone Mines The Leader of the Pack The Shadowmoor Shadowmoor Rising
Saturday Hollow’s Heart Horrors of the Hollow Drowning Deeps Roiling in the Deeps
Sunday Sandstorm Temple Bad Karma Warped Citadel Warped Beyond Reason


Halloween Box Rewards

Item Qty Probability
Pumpkin Spice Candy 1 Guaranteed
Fortune Potion 2
Spectral Firework 3
Skull Candy 1
Snack O’ Lantern 1
Coffin Drop 1
Soulstone Crystal 4
Moonstone Crystal 1
Sacred Crystal 4
Elysian Crystal 1
Premium Transformation Stone 1 Chance
Transformation Stone 1
Bloodstone 1
Elder Scale 1
Grand Celestial Wings 1
Grand Celestial Steel 1
Hive Queen’s Wings 1
Hive Queen’s Heart 1
Onyx Scale 1
Pet Pack 1
Sacred Vial 1
Scarlet Bloom 1
Silver Scale 1
Legendary Jewel 1
Legendary Element 1
Legendary Gem Hammer 1

Skull Candy, Snack O’ Lantern, and Coffin Drop are special Blade & Ghoul treats that will provide useful buffs in certain raids, but you can only have one buff active at a time!

Through the Dragon Express you’ll find a variety of items to purchase with Pumpkin Spice Candy, most notable of which are:

Item Name Purchase Limits Event Token
Cosmetic All Nighter 20
All Nighter Head Adornment 8
Grave Dancer Outfit Selection Chest 20
Grave Dancer Adornment Selection Chest 8
Grave Dancer Familiar Outfit Selection Chest 8
Great Pumpkin Illusion Weapon Chest 10
Admiral’s New Clothes Selection Chest 20
Admiral’s New Clothes Adornment Selection Chest 10
Event Items Grave Raider Upgrade Token 18
Ghost Hunter Upgrade Coin 35
Materials Sacred Vial Limited to 5 purchases per account per week 35
Pet Pack Limited to 10 purchases per account per week 12
Scarlet Bloom 8
Grand Celestial Wings 3
Grand Celestial Steel 12
Onyx Scale 12
Bloodstone 4
Hive Queen’s Wings 1
Hive Queen’s Heart 2
Silver Scale 3
Gems Hongmoon Octagonal Gem Selection Chest 40
XP Special Hongmoon XP Charm 10
Superior Reputation Charm 5
Consumables Legendary Gem Hammer 5
Fortune Potion 1

The Grave Raider Upgrade Token and Ghost Hunter Upgrade Coin are special upgrade materials available from event participation or Transmuting. These special items are used in lieu of some existing upgrade materials to upgrade many lower and mid-tier accessories. The offering items for Stage 3 à Stage 4 and Stage 6 à Stage 7 transformation have been changed to Solar and Hollow accessories respectively.

Type Grave Raider Upgrade Token Ghost Hunter Upgrade Coin
Ring Skyshatter
Earring Skypearl
Necklace Skysunder
Darkstorm (also requires Grave Raider Upgrade Token)
Bracelet Divine Dragon/Tiger/Phoenix
Gloves King
Belt Skybreaker

There will also be some additional changes coming when Blade & Ghoul launches on October 16—keep checking back for more details.

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