Neverwinter Discusses Changes Made To Random…

Neverwinter Discusses Changes Made To Random Queues And Announces A New Tales Of Old Event

Greetings Adventurers,

We’ve been making several changes and updates to the queues, in particular the Random Queue system. These changes were made available on the Preview server this past weekend and were noted in today’s PC live build Patch Notes but we wanted to recap what these queue adjustments entail:

The Random queues have been suffering from a couple of main issues. The first was time vs. rewards. Time included overall length as well as overall toughness. These variants caused scenarios where content in the queues was being avoided, creating loops where a smaller set of maps were getting played over and over. In this setup, players are not getting to experience the breadth of the gameplay available, and it starts to get samey, and that’s not fun.

We have made a big effort to bring the skirmishes and dungeons into more consistent time and challenge levels within each of the queue categories. They are not all dialed in, but much closer. Here’s some of the things we’ve changed in the Random Queues.

First, we reorganized the queues by content type, to better inform you of the content you want to play. We now have a Skirmish Queue, Dungeon Queue, Epic Dungeon Queue, and a Trial Queue. Low level skirmishes will currently be removed from the random queues as we look at improvements we can make to that content to make it fit better within the queue structure.

Second, we also found success rates of queues wanting, which is why we introduced the Roles into all the queues.  This actually caused more challenges for players, so we have adjusted this back and realigned the queue categories. With these new reorganized categories, roles are no longer required for the Skirmish queue (or CTA’s), while the other queues still require a tank, healer, and 3 dps. Shores of Tuern and Kessell’s Retreat have been moved to the skirmish queue category of content as they better align (and were originally created as skirmishes) with other skirmishes than with Epic Dungeons.

Third, we adjusted several skirmish and dungeon maps with the goal of bringing the average completion times closer together across a given queue, in order to allow all maps in that queue to be more equally rewarding. Time played for rewards granted is the true goal of this, so that you will be able to better choose your queues based on your game play styles and time. We’ve made a good set of changes that feel good but this will be an ongoing set of adjustments as we see how the completion time and success rates compare across a given queue.

Fourth, we have adjusted and improved the AD rewards on the new Random Queue groupings to provide a much greater bonus for Trials and Epic Dungeons than for Skirmishes and Dungeons, in order to encourage players to play more of the content that is balanced for their character. To incentivize this, the rewards for higher-end queues are greater for time played than the shorter queues.

This reforming of the queues allows us to standardize the skirmishes and dungeons moving forwards and grow the choices of content in queues and events. Ultimately, our goal here is to better inform your choices as to how you want to play the Random Queues and give you the queues that best fit your play style.

Thomas Foss
Lead Designer


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