Villagers And Heroes Re-opens The Haunted…

Villagers And Heroes Re-opens The Haunted Moors Halloween Zone And Adds A High-level Area

The Haunted Moors (4.32)
THE REDS AND GOLDS and brisk winds of autumn have descended upon us, and so, too, have all the creepy-crawly joys of Halloween arrived in the Seven Realms! The Haunted Moors is back and as frightful as ever, not for the faint of heart! Alongside the Halloween event zone, this update also features the Blighted Isles high-level content, new Halloween-themed cosmetics, and a vast number of game additions and improvements!


  •  Set sail for the Blighted Isles, the home of the four terrible blights. See some familiar faces, as well as meeting some new ones. Find out just what it is that the Lich Captain Theobald is up to, along with Queen Zoria, Slarissa, and the four terrible Bounty Hunters.
  • Battle your way to level 95 with 10 brand new zones.
  • Level your crafting, gathering, and village skills all the way to level 95, with new recipes, crops, and more.
  • Choose your own path with new special level scaling tech that allows the world to grow with you, so you can decide just what loose ends to chase down first.
  • Participate in thrilling level 95 Elder Encounters, dungeon’ified to give a thrilling experience with huge rewards.
  • Figure out how to earn up to 9 new mounts and four new pets, all available in game.
  • Join us, for one of the most ambitious new content releases EVER.
  •  The Haunted Moors are back!
    • Take flight on one of three new Bat Mounts, one of which is available in the game for free.
    • Dress up like a spooky Vampire, or a Feral Bat lord with one of three brand new wardrobe ensembles.
  • Grab some of the new special shop bundles to get exclusive wardrobe appearances.
  • Take part in huge event zone, with rewards like mounts, pets, toys, and more.
  • Battle Spooky Druda with your friends, and learn how to fly!
  • There is always something to do in the Haunted Moors!
  •  Brand New Feature: Plentiful Gathering
    • Think of it like Zingara, but for Gathering!
    • Find out more in the details below.
  •  Redesigned mobile character create!
    • Character creation and details is now completely redesigned on mobile. It’s now easier to choose the appearance styles you want, there’s more information on classes and subclasses, and the presentation is overall more exciting.
    • Character select on mobile also got some new changes, check them out in detail below.
  • News feed!
    • Both PC and Mobile players will now enjoy a news feed on Character Select. Never miss out on what is happening in the Seven Realms.


The following improvements have been made.
  •  As part of a special promotion, we have added an NPC in Ardent City named Soria Gallows (near the castle stairs). Soria will give all characters a free legendary belt (scaled to your level and spec). This promotion will only last a short while, so don’t forget to claim yours!
  •  The Red Darrig key vendor (for gold) has been added back to the Darrig Fair.
  •  We have added the first of the Shaman contest shrine in Ardent City. Congrats to the winners so far!
  •  Changed all lucky gems, exotic crops, and flowers to be grey in rarity. This way players aren’t confused thinking they are useful for something other than selling.
  •  Added a new item, Salvaging Toolkit.
    • This item can salvage an item of any level and contains 30 charges.
    • Wherever Salvaging rods were sold, Salvaging Toolkits are now sold.
    • Salvaging toolkits price scales with players combat level.
    • Salvaging rods are no longer sold.
    • Salvaging rods will still work for those who have leftovers on live (just no longer able to get more).
  •  New character names now only need to be two characters long.
  •  Made various improvements to character face styles.
  •  Made the male character model’s feet slightly smaller.
  •  Updated the price and tooltips of the account special offer mounts to be accurate and reflect recent pricing changes.
  •  Animals bought for your ranch now only stack to 9.
  •  Basic ranching tools now have their price scale with Ranching level. The price is cheaper at lower levels, exactly the same cost at level 45, and more expensive at higher levels.
  •  There is now a special particle effect and sound that plays when legendary gear drops.
  •  Made it so after purchase, the character starter offer matches the players specialization and level.
  •  New character starter items:
    • New characters no longer start with any sort of shop item (rezzies, full heals, potions, etc.) as many of these items are not available (e.g. potions), not needed (e.g. rezzies), or given in the NPE calendar (e.g. harvesters). This was causing some confusion for new players as to where to get more.
    • They have been replaced with items unique to the realms. These items are strongly themed, but are based on items that are available in game (all items that a new player can easily access in game without it having to be seasonal or spend crowns). The tooltips for these items explain where the player can get / craft the item to help them figure out how to get more.
    • Some of the starting tools were tweaked a bit, but won’t affect what players already have.
  •  Shop Starter Packs:
    • The starter packs in the shop have been reworked and repriced with new icons.
    • We have added two more starter packs, the Stablemaster’s Pack which gives 5 mounts and premium speed, and the Ultimate Starter Pack which includes all 4 of the base starter packs at a discount.
  •   The Midsummer event is now over.
  •  The Equinox event is now over.

Interface Improvements

  •  Per player requests, changed chat colors for PC and mobile.
  •  The monthly Calendar now explains that it can only be claimed once per day for all characters, if opened when no rewards are available. Hopefully this should clear some new player confusion.
  •  Made various clarity improvements to the Wardrobe feature:
    • Renamed “Current Gear” in Wardrobe to “Natural” and clarified that it’ll always show your equipped items and is not a style in itself (there was a lot of confusion regarding this).
    • Added a close button when selecting individual styles.
    • On PC, added a hotkey (Shift-W by default) to open the Wardrobe.
  •  Several minor display and ease-of-use changes to gnogmentation window:
    • You can now choose which items to get stats from by clicking/tapping the tooltip itself, not just the button above.
    • Fixed a display bug where the tooltips would fade horizontally.
    • A popup message now informs you if you have unassigned runes.
    • The gnogmenting window now stays open while gnogmenting.
  •  Improved lighting in the Item Shop and Wardrobe previews among other places. Outfit and mounts now look brighter and crisper!
  •  The Shop preview now displays options better, e.g. if a package has both mounts and outfits, or if a package has multiple mounts.
  •  Buying a character slot by pressing “Unlock Slot” on the character select screen now unlocks the slot instantly, rather than placing the item in a character’s inventory.
  •  Updated the starter offer information page to be more descriptive and cleaner.
  •  Improved the look and functionality of many in game tooltips including: Elder fragments, House Style, Animal Pen, Golden Bridle, Sockets, Bottle Repair Globules, Animal Treats, Motes of Yorick, All Supplies, Voltan’s Resurrects, various quest items in the Copse and Coille, Gardening Seeds, and Ranching Tools.
  •  Fixed several small visual issues in tooltips, like expire time, reuse time, and others.
  •  Village Elder Dummies no longer send out a server message when killed, just a village wide message.
  •  The selection area for players to tap or click on is a little smaller, which should make it easier to select enemies, especially when there are a lot of players around.
  •  Monster headers now show more effects per row.
  •  Cycling through targets if no target is selected will now always select an enemy if possible, and only then a player. This should make it easier to select enemies when you need to.
  •  When a target is selected, its health is shown on the header instantly instead of after a brief pause.
  •  We did a large scale conversion on our in game icons. Some players may notice some icons changing or improving in quality. Android players should notice these changes right off the bat, PC players will have to do a reinstall to see them all.

PC Improvements

  •   Updated a few mouse cursors for PC:
    • Vaults now have a unique cursor.
    • A players house door now has the vault cursor.
    • Houses now have paint buckets for style select.
    • House signs have a unique cursor.
    • Portals have a new cursor.
  •   PC character create now has full resolution starter item icons that don’t look junky.
  •   PC character create now has a border around the realm bonus so it doesn’t look junky.

Mobile Improvements

  •   Improved the Villager skills tooltip to show more information about your progress.
  •   Improved the readability of the vendor screen.
  •   Android: the game now support “immersive mode” for a better play experience.
  •   Characters on character select and character create now use unique realm backgrounds depending on their origin.
  •   When chatting, up to 255 characters can be used for chat, rather than 100.
  •   You must now confirm that you really want to delete a character before deletion. This should make accidental character deletion a thing of the past.


  •  Crafted Mana Potions now additionally restore 10% of your missing mana instantly on use.
  •  Slightly lowered the amount of damage enemies do. This ranges from no change at level 1, to around 10% lower at level 95.
  •  Enemies in dungeons and event zones will do about 5% less damage than what is currently on live.
  •  Dungeon bosses have considerably more health base health.
  •  Player scaling enemies: We changed the formula for how health scales with multiple players. It is now 10% per extra player beyond 5, down from 15%. This should make running dungeons with larger groups a better experience.
  •  The dungeon boss affix “Blaster” has been removed. Enemies will no longer have it.
  •  Lightning Shield affix for minibosses now lasts 4 seconds (down from 5).
  •  Massive affix for minibosses now boosts by 15% (down from 20%).
  •  Benedicta’s clones have half as much health.
  •  Hysteria (Fury Warrior Chest Rune) no longer reduced threat generated by 15%.
  •  Seething anger now increases by 0.75% per rank maxing out at 15% (up from 0.5% per rank maxing out at 10%).


We have made many changes regarding how and when loot drops from enemies in the world.

  •  Instanced Boss Loot:
    • When multiple players kill a boss (defined as a normal bounty boss, a venerable, or an elder, basically anything that is in your bounty journal), each player gets their own version of loot. They get their own gear, their own gold, their own misc (pelts, darrig, etc) and their own quest items.
    • You are the only one that can see your loot. No one else can pick up your loot. If you don’t pick it up, then no one gets it.
    • Parties and kill credit no longer affect bosses. Even if another party has credit for the kill, if you help out, you will get your own set of loot.
    • Only your loot will get bonuses from your Magic Find or your Loot Chance.
    • Normal enemies and Zingara remain unchanged, working identical to how they are on live (i.e. they do not have instanced loot).

SummaryEveryone gets their own loot! When players are running together on bounty runs or killing bosses, there is no longer that awkwardness of waiting to pick things up because you don’t want to appear greedy. Pick it all up! It is all yours! Your friends all get their own. Additionally, this will help in cases where one player starts a boss, and other players run up and join the fun. Now everyone gets loot, and no one misses out.

  •  Boss Loot Once Per Day:
    • Bounties, Venerables, and Elders were changed to only drop loot for a player if that player also was receiving credit for the daily bounty reward. This means that if you already killed a bounty boss that day, you will not get a second helping of loot.
    • Because loot from bosses is instanced, if two players are together doing bounties, and one has already killed that boss for the day and the other hasn’t, then the one who hasn’t killed the boss will see loot drop, the one that has already killed that boss will not see loot drop.
    • Special Note: Zingara are NOT a part of this system in any way. If a player finds the same zingara multiple times a day, they get full loot with each kill.

SummaryEveryone gets loot from an individual boss once per day. Once you have killed that boss once, there is no need to kill them again until the following day. In generally this should affect players very little as it is typical to run a zone once for the experience, and then wait again until the next day. However this change helps us keep a tighter control on game balance, and lets us make the drops better.

Changes Because of the Above
Because of the above changes, a few balance tweaks were made.

  •  Elders now only drop 2-3 items (compared to 5-7 on live). However because of instanced loot where players aren’t having to share drops, this will generally mean more loot per player.
  •  Elder bosses now drop an Elder Fragment 100% of the time, but you no longer get one straight to bag.
  •  Because of bounty boss loot changes, the following fixes were made so that players doing quests don’t get stuck waiting for a day because they accidentally killed a boss early:
    • Moved Gravina to be fishing in the Sea Caves pond.
    • Moved Angilbert to the beginning of Troll Cave.
    • Moved Graw the Immortal farther back in Forever’s Advent.
    • In Aberdeen Heath, swapped Matron Mirda and Brutebuckle’s locations, Zickwart was moved to be near Krootooth.
    • The Marrow Cider Goblet is now hidden in a secret place in Zombie Town Proper.

Other Misc Changes
In addition to the main change as listed above, we made a few other tweaks to loot drops.

  •  Increased the quality of gear an Elder boss drops:
    • Chance for common gear is now 0% (was ~2%).
    • Chance for uncommon gear is now 80% (was 84%).
    • Chance for rare gear is now 17.7% (was 12.6%).
    • Chance for epic gear is now 2% (was 1.4%).
    • Chance for legendary gear is now 0.3% (was 0%).
  •  Zingara drops now reflect the rarity of the zingara:
    • The more rare a zingara is, the higher range of items it can drop (e.g. the minimum drop is 2-3 drops, but very rare could have upwards of 2-10 drops).
    • The more rare a zingara is, the better quality of items it drops, eventually being able to drop legendary gear.
    • These changes should make finding rare zingara very exciting.
  •  Loot that is restricted to a player or party can now only be seen by that player or party. It also never becomes “unlocked” for anyone to claim. This means you will never see loot on the ground that you can’t pickup.

A Special Thank You
This feature as a whole went through many iterations while on the test server. We wanted to give a shout out and a huge thank you to all of our testers who patiently worked with us, giving us insightful feedback and suggestions. In the end the feature was made better because of it. Thank you testers! <3 <3


This build introduces two new aspects to gathering, Gathering Node Exhaustion and Plentiful Gathering.

Gathering Node Exhaustion

  •  As players gather from nodes in the world, they will now exhaust. When a node is exhausted it can no longer be gathered from. It is ‘empty’.
    • A node will exhaust randomly between 11 and 18 gather cycles. This equates to roughly 11 to 18 minutes of gathering.
    • Partial cycles (interrupted from player movement or combat) count as full cycles. So if you gather, stop, gather stop, over and over again, you can exhaust a node in a matter of seconds.
    • When a node exhausts, it will visually change. Generally it will grow darker in color, if it had any special effects (like water rings or mushroom spores) they will stop. Additionally, the name tag will change from white to grey, and the word “exhausted” will be displayed over the node.
    • Attempting to gather from an exhausted node will result in an error message that says the node is exhausted.
    • After a node is exhausted, it will take somewhere between 21 and 30 minutes for the node to refresh and become usable again. Logging out or changing zones will not hurry this process along.
    • There is no visible timer or indicator as to how long it will take for a node to refresh. It will happen when it happens.
    • Exhaustion is a state on a per player basis. This means that if one player exhausts a node, it is not exhausted for everyone, only for that player.
    • Exhausting one node has nothing to do with other nodes. If you exhaust a node, you can simply move to a different node (even one right next to it) and continue gathering.
    • If a player gathers part of the 11 to 18 cycles, but not all of them, the node will eventually refresh itself. It will however take some time. The best course of action would be to always fully exhaust a node before moving on.
    • When using Clockwork Harvesters, nodes tend to last longer.

Plentiful Gathering Nodes
On the flip side of Exhaustion (a system that makes gathering a bit more challenging), gathering nodes of all kinds can now become Plentiful. When a node is plentiful, it has several bonuses that last a short while (a good analogy is that Plentiful nodes are like Zingara for gathering).

  •  Gathering nodes in the world will randomly become Plentiful. Like Zingara, this is a time based waiting period.
    • When a node becomes Plentiful, it will have a very large sparkle effect themed to the specific type of gathering. Additionally its name tag will change to purple, and the word “Plentiful” will be displayed.
    • When a node becomes Plentiful, it will stay Plentiful until a player interacts with it.
    • Once the first player comes along and gathers from the node at least once, the node will stay Plentiful for somewhere between 1 minute 50 seconds, and 4 minutes 50 seconds (at random). After this, its effects and name tag will change back to normal.
    • A Plentiful will never stop being Plentiful in the middle of a gathering cycle. If you start gathering and the node is Plentiful, it will remain so until the very end of the cycle (but re-initiate gathering quick, since you never know when it will stop!)
    • Gathering nodes individually become plentiful. This means that just because you found one, doesn’t mean there won’t be more! Always be on the lookout!
    • Unlike Node Exhaustion, a node becoming Plentiful is a world effect, which means that once one player gathers from the node and the node ceases to be plentiful, then other players will miss out and not be able to get the plentiful bonuses. There is a competitive side to Plentiful Node hunting.
    • Gathering Zones (like Lake Kiwa and the Forever Tree) have the same rules and timers as all other zones. However since these are hotspots where players visit often, it will be more likely that a player will find the plentiful node before you. Looking for gathering nodes that are out of the typical path of players may yield better results.
    • When a gathering node becomes plentiful, any player that had that node exhausted will have it instantly refreshed, regardless of wait time. Additionally, a gathering node cannot exhaust until the node is done being plentiful.
  •  Plentiful Gathering Bonuses:
    • Plentiful nodes award 30% more base experience. This bonus doesn’t “add” in like other typical bonuses, but instead multiplies. That means that if you have a pie, a membership, and a potion active, you will still see your numbers rise by 30%!
    • Plentiful nodes award 20% more materials, always giving at least one bonus item. This means if you have Yorick’s Hat, Bountiful Tools, and even Clockwork Harvesters, all of these get multiplied by 20%!
    • Lucky Gems are 3x more likely to drop, with rarer gems like Diamonds and Emeralds having an even higher chance to drop than normal. Overall, the typical gold value of gathering from a plentiful node is 5x more than normal!
    • Rare and Legendary gathers are 5x more likely to drop. So you will often find more Luckinium’s, Gralla seeds, and the like!
    • Plentiful nodes stay Plentiful on a timed basis. That means that when you find a plentiful node, it is a good time to activate your Clockwork Harvesters and equip your rare supplies. The faster and more you gather during this time means all your efforts are multiplied, giving incredible bonuses!

What about the Village Gathering
Village Gathering has a few minor changes, but mostly remains the same as before.

  •  When a node is depleted (because no one has filled it at the board), it will now have a visual change that is nearly identical to an exhausted node. The name tag will be grey and read “Empty” and the object in the world will visually look depleted. This will make it very easy to see which nodes are stocked and which are not.
    • Village gathering nodes cannot become Plentiful. Plentiful Nodes is a world-only feature.
    • Village gathering nodes can exhaust just like world gathering nodes. However, simply revisiting your village board will refresh all exhausted nodes instantly! You do not have to stock the node again (unless it needs to be stocked), simply selecting the board will get you back to gathering.

Summary: With these gathering changes, not only will gathering be more fun and interesting, but the game will have much tighter control over exploiters and botters. This means a lot of things that we were previously forced to hold back, we no longer have to! Case in point, the Red Darrig Key vendor is finally here!


  •  Did some internal load fixes to reduce server lag.
  •  Hopefully fixed some bugs causing crashes, especially on mobile devices.
  •  Hopefully fixed some internal stability issues that could cause the servers to go down.

Server Lag
After looking into this in much greater detail, we saw that the biggest source of this was actually caused by database queries. At first, we thought server lag would mostly be caused by putting too much load on the server’s CPUs. The CPUs appear to be doing fine, however, but we saw delays in the logs caused by db (database) queries. Some db queries are “locking” – while they are being done, they cause other things to have to stop and wait for them to complete. Some DB queries can be really slow and can lead to several second delay. It’s like a big train coming down the tracks at a railroad crossing: the gates go down, the lights come on, and all the cars have to stop and wait for that big train with 100 cars to pass by before the crossing gates come back up. Everything comes to a stop. The fix we are trying is to move those db queries into a “separate thread”. The analogy here is that we built an overpass over the train tracks so cross traffic need not stop.

For a little more detail, most db queries are actually really fast – but it turned out that when a character entered or left a zone, it was doing several hundred queries all at once. That was locking up ALL zones on that server (not just the one the player entered or left) for several seconds. Anyway, moving these to a thread is new and different- so there might be some side effects. The thread is a little slower, so what you might notice is that when you enter a zone for the first time with a character that has never entered that zone before, it might be 4x slower – That’s a lot slower – but we think that should only happen one time ever (for that zone, for that character). However, we haven’t tested this yet on Test, so don’t be surprised if there are some side effects. The advantage of course is that we think these were the two biggest sources of “server lag” (leaving a zone and entering a zone).

Show all effects

  •  Added a new setting “Show all effects”. This setting defaults to ON.
    • If you disable this setting, then you will only see graphical effects that are cast by you, an ally in your party, or enemies.
    • Disable this setting to improve the game performance for big battles with a lot of players.
    • Note: If you have troubles with the game really slowing down when you’re in a boss battle with 20+ other players, then this setting should really improve the frame rate. However, the disadvantage is that when you’re just doing normal play and you aren’t in a party, the combat of other players in the world will look a little strange, no effects, sounds, etc. This is our first pass at this feature – if it turns out to be popular, we might make it more sophisticated so that it does selective filtering based on the number of players nearby. That’s quite a bit more work, and so for this first pass, we just wanted to get it out there as-is to see if it even helps.
    • Un-checking “Show all effects” hides other players’ pets for increased performance


The following bug fixes have been made.
  •  Fixed some characters that were missing a face texture (like, Isabirda in Cook)
  •  If while dead you claimed a quest reward or killed a bounty, the quest reward would disappear and the bounty would be marked as completed, but no experience would be given.
  •  The renewal date for Ardent Society Memberships was sometimes inaccurate by up to 10 days.
  •  Some crafted or unique items were not using their proper name, but a generic name such as “Bronze Gladius” instead.
  •  Hopefully fixed issue causing two musics to sometimes play simultaneously.
  •  Sometimes Rhoda would talk forever.
  •  Belxur’s servants to work again.
  •  Players could talk to Piper out of order.
  •  Sometimes crafting window would instantly close after being opened.
  •  Sometimes the same appearance would appear twice in the wardrobe customization window.
  •  A rare issue that would cause some mails to not be viewable.
  •  A display issue with the Arabian Knight Gloves.
  •  Added some clarifying text to Helga’s quest that she won’t appear until the player collects all the ingredients.
  •  Brightened some mount icons.
  •  Removed the no longer needed Mipou.
  •  Fancy Gentlemen icon not appearing.
  •  Naming a character with spaces at the start, end, or double spaces in the middle would fail. It now strips out these extraneous spaces.
  •  Made it so if you kill the mountain lion before crossing a certain point, it won’t show the kill tutorial popup.
  •  Attempting to gnogment an item and give it a name with non-ascii characters would cause the gnogmentation to cancel.
  •  Missing tooltip text when hovering over crafting stations while in the mini-map in Dagmar Strand and Summer’s Hollow
  •  Players spawning outside the map in Pyrron Bastion.
  •  Gear helper messages appearing on unequipped/unequippable gear.
  •  Incorrect info in the tooltips for “Rain of Destruction” spell.
  •  Earth Elementals were erroneously being summoned 100% of the time.
  •  A case where if players lost or ran out of time with the Crystal See Potion, they couldn’t progress.
  •  A bug that made it so epic and legendary crafted items would not roll rare reinforcement runes.
  •  The cooldown in a toy tooltip would sometimes not be displayed or be inaccurate by several hours.
  •  Several issues with wardrobe appearance names.
  •  The auction house now has a category for Shaman Shields. NOTE: Items may be miscategorized for up to a week after this patch. They will correct themselves soon.
  •  The “Main Quest” or “Side Quest” text in the Journal was instead showing the current task.

PC Bug Fixes

  •   The chat was offset to the right and bottom.
  •   The error message when using a Right of Rename item when your character already could be renamed showed handles instead of text.
  •   The Whisper tab had no name or description.
  •   Certain pieces of rare old gear would claim in the crafting navigator that you have none of them, even if you do.
  •   Windows would sometimes open on the left of the screen, instead of centered.
  •   The overactive chat censor would sometimes filter out portions of text or names in the chat box, even when they were acceptable.
  •   Feats could be accidentally dragged with the left-mouse cursor.
  •   Bags that are locked now say “Locked”, instead of “Expired”.
  •   A sound now plays on entry into the character selection screen. This fixes an issue some people were having where the character select screen would have really low frame rate the first time you logged in.
  •   Crown icons in the PC Item Shop now match the new mobile ones introduced in the first part of Earth and Sea.

Mobile Bug Fixes

  •   The “Block” option when clicking the header for a player was not actually blocking the player.
  •   The name of rewards from quests would sometimes be partially clipped.
  •   The animated chests that display in the game screen have been replaced with icons, to fix issues where they would be partially or fully hidden on some devices.
  •   Flashing highlight on new items would not disappear until you closed and reopened the window.
  •   On some devices, the progress bar was not centered.
  •   At crafting stations, filtering by class is now a cycle instead of a series of buttons, so recipes can be filtered to Shaman.
  •   The hotspot for the large mobile minimap was too small, making it easy for taps to miss it.
  •   In the mobile auction house, currency icons (gold, silver, copper) were not being shown, making it hard to tell how much an auction was selling for.
  •   Welcome messages were showing %s instead of the name of the new player who just entered.
  •   When you receive a whisper, the chat no longer automatically switches to the whisper channel.
  •   Chat popups no longer cover the health bar of selected enemies.
  •   Receiving chat messages no longer automatically scrolls to the bottom of the chat.
  •   The right edge of chat is no longer faded out on certain devices.
  •   Sometimes multiple whisper channels for the same character could be opened.
  •   Emotes would say “HANDLE_Src” instead of the name of the emoter.
  •   It is now possible to whisper non-ascii characters.
  •   When selecting an auction, the Buy-now cost would always say “No maximum bid”, and the “You have N gold” would not be shown.
  •   The “Rebirth available” text in the Talents screen would always say no rebirths are available.
  •   The “Will arrive in” text in the character detail screen would not show the name of the village, only the size, such as “Settlement” or “City”.
  •   When tapping a player header to view interact options, the “Trade” option had no text.

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