Teamfight Tft Elemental Hexes Guide – New…

Teamfight Tft Elemental Hexes Guide – New Mechanic For Rise Of The Elements!

Teamfight Tactics is not only getting a bunch of new champions, but it’s also getting an interesting new mechanic! We’ll teach you everything you need to know about Elemental Hexes and how they are going to work in the Rise of the Elements patch.

TFT is looking to change things up big time in Set 2 of the game. Riot has decided to swap out the majority of champions for new ones (view the known ones here), and they are also shaking things up by adding an additional row to the board! That’s not all, there’s now the newly announced Elemental Hexes that will be changing up how you play and position your champions every game.


These are new hex locations on the board that give an elemental buff to the champion occupying the space at the beginning of the round! One element is chosen at random at the start of the game, and hexes with that particular elemental buff will spawn on everyone’s board in the same spots. All players get the same amount of buffed hexes.

The first Elemental Hex appears on every player’s board after the first carousel, and the second one appears on the board at Stage 3-1.



If your champion occupies one of the elemental spaces, they will receive one of the following buffs based on the element they are standing in:

  • Ocean: +30 Starting Mana.
  • Inferno: +30% Attack Speed.
  • Wind: +30% Dodge.
  • Mountain: +30 Permanent HP per round for the rest of the game.

Your champion will only receive the buff if your champion has room in their inventory, the buff takes up a slot temporarily. I’m curre

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