The End Of Dungeons And Dragons Online’s…

The End Of Dungeons And Dragons Online’s Permadeath Server Approaches

Our first Hardcore League is in its final stretch, so we wanted to take a few minutes to outline our plans for the wrap-up of the event and answer your questions.

The Hardcore League will remain open through November 15th, and the event will formally come to an end when we close the worlds at an exact time to be announced as we get closer to the end date. After that time, we will collect the data we need to announce winners, prepare for their inclusion in a list for the Hall of Heroes, publish character names in the DDO Chronicle, and do anything else we need to.

In early December, we will reopen the Hardcore server for several weeks so players can put items into their character inventories, shut down and disband their guilds, and do the things they need to do before transferring the character to the world of their choice. We will be opening a free World Character Transfer service from the Hardcore server to any of the non-Hardcore servers, so players can keep playing any of the characters they’ve created.

The exact timing of the reopening of the Hardcore server will be listed here as we get closer to the date.

Notes on World Character Transfers:

The following things will not transfer with your character:

  • Your Friends list
  • Your /Ignore list
  • Your Guild name, level, airship, amenities, membership ranks, or other guild-related benefits. You will appear in the new world guildless.
  • Items in your True Reincarnation Cache
  • Items bid on or posted to the Auction Houses
  • In-game mail
  • Shared Account Bank and Crafting Storage items
  • Your Astral Shard balance
  • Your Creature Companion Stable
  • ?You cannot be the Leader of a Guild and transfer your character from one world to another. If necessary, please promote a successor or other guild member to Leader, or disband your guild, prior to undergoing a character transfer from one live game world to another. Guild leaders will not display in the Character Transfer UI.
  • You cannot be logged into the game world while undergoing a character transfer. If you are, you’ll be kicked from the game world and receive an erroneous “ban” message. You aren’t banned, as this is related to a technical mechanism put in place to prevent corruption during the transfer process.
  • If your name is being used on the world you are transferring to, your name will be appended with a -1 and you will be granted a one-time free rename credit. While logged into the character you wish to change the name of, type /changename (new name) into the chat panel to change your name.

Characters are transferred from the Hardcore server to another server through the game launcher. Click here for our guide to world transfers.

Note: The Hardcore League requires VIP or Season Pass membership for access. Players will need to have access to the Hardcore League server in order to log into the game world after the event is over.

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