Bless Unleashed Crafting Changes In Open Beta

I already got a chance to discuss with you some of the changes related to combat in our upcoming open beta on November 7th. That dev blog discussed what we’re doing to try and address your feedback on combat. Now, I would like to discuss the changes we’re making to crafting. We got a surprising amount of feedback related to crafting, and I wanted to talk about what is being changed in regards to crafting in the upcoming beta.

To start, you should know that during our last closed beta, crafting was unfortunately in the middle of a major overhaul. However, your feedback still proved incredibly valuable, as we were clearly headed in a direction which did not meet the needs of our players. We hope to have addressed that now.

Your feedback from the last beta stated that crafting was quite simply far too difficult to get into. This was due to a number of reasons, but the largest was that certain crafting materials for low levels were not readily available, and recipes required too many materials, both in number and type. This combined to make it very difficult to be able to get into the system at lower levels.

To address this, we’ve drastically reworked the entire crafting system. We have essentially thrown out the old system entirely. As a result, players should now have a much easier time getting involved with the crafting system, and should be able to create useful items and equipment much earlier than in our last beta. To get to this point, we’ve made the following changes:

  • Recipe requirements for lower level items have been reduced greatly.

  • We’ve reduced the overall number of items in the crafting system by 70%.

  • Early and mid level crafting rewards have been improved to be of similar quality to quest rewards.

  • We’ve also added a new collectible type for harvesting wood, and reworked the drops related to the crafting system from enemy encounters to expand the availability of crafting materials.

  • Crafted items from cooking, and alchemy are now more useful than before.

Our hope is that in this beta, players will find the crafting system to not only be more usable, but also more rewarding.

When we release the patch notes before beta, you’ll find that we’ve been busy working on Bless Unleashed and have made many changes to the game based on your feedback. We’re really looking forward to hearing your feedback on the changes we’ve made, and hope you’ll let us know how we’ve been doing once you have a chance to play the open beta on November 7th!

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