Trove’s Shadow’s Eve!

Trick or Treat? 👻 🍬

There’s something spooky creeping in Trove! The shadows have conquered the skies, replacing what was once a peaceful starry night with a treacherous moon. There’s fear in the air… can you feel it too?

Halloween is approaching and we are happy (but terrified) to announce the return of the spookiest event in Trove: Shadow’s Eve!

Candy Corn, Pumpkin Lairs and mostly Shadowy Seals are here from October 22nd (11:00AM UTC), to November 5th! Trove’s got you covered for the best Halloween experience you could wish for.

Curious about the Event festivities? Here is a glimpse of what lies ahead!

Hub Decoration

The Hub decoration is one of the best memories one might have from Shadow’s Eve. Who doesn’t like to hang among friends with grinning jack-o’-lanterns in every corner. This year is no exception, and we invite you to explore our game Hub and all the event features in place.

Small disclaimer here, if you suffer from “Cucurbitophobia”, or in other words, an excessive, irrational and unreasonable fear of, well, pumpkins… visit the game Hub at your own risk 🎃

Shadow’s Eve Event

The Shadow’s Eve 2019 Edition will follow an Adventure chain, and you will earn one event token, the Shadowy Seal, for each step completed.

The Pumpkin House in Trove’s game Hub is once more the event HQ. So keep in mind to visit it daily to be given exciting adventure quests from the event NPC’s, but also to trade your event currency at the infamous Shadowy Station.

Suddenly, all the effort you have put into farming will pay off, with the possibility of crafting exclusive event mounts such as the Ethereal Explorer and Flop the Phantolphin. If you’re a collector, this is for you! Content from previous editions will be also available for crafting.

Would it even be Halloween without tricks and treats? Nope! Pumpkin Lairs will be available in any biome, and as tricky as it can be to raid them, there will be plenty of treats to spoil you. Candy Corn will drop in these dungeons and this material can be used to craft Nightmare Mystery Boxes and various collections at the Hub’s Shadowy Station. Hmm, it seems like a sweet surprise, doesn’t it?

Adventures and Daily Login Rewards

Don’t forget to visit the Shadow Eve NPC’s and chase adventures for in-game rewards, and since we are mentioning Halloween treats, make sure to log on Trove daily during the event so you can collect all the treats we have prepared for you.

More Spooky Content:

  • The Colossal Chiropteran and the Uncanny Coffin can be crafted directly from the Shadowy Station.
  • When completing a 1-Star Dungeon, Todstrom has a chance to appear instead of a chest. Defeat him for an extra “treat”!
  • Candy Corn will be available, as will a rare chance at a Mobile Mummy mount.
  • Event Lootbox that costs 1 Shadowy Seal can be crafted using the seals from 2018 or 2019. The Lootbox contains mechanical rewards only, and since the Shadowy Seals from both years are to be removed from inventory once the event is over, you should use all that is left in your inventory.

Join Trove’s Shadow’s Eve for the spookiest event of the year 🎃

Get all the details about Shadow’s Eve 2019 in our Forum Notes (LINK).

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