Citadel: Forged With Fire Offers A Rough Plan…

Citadel: Forged With Fire Offers A Rough Plan For Post-launch Updates And Goes Free-to-play This Weekend

Hello Wizards and Conjurers!

In anticipation of our full launch coming on November 1st (less than 2 weeks away now!!), we’re looking to release a big patch today to address some last minute fine-tuning and tweaks needed as well as the addition of some community requested features to the game.

Some things coming today that are especially noteworthy are the frequently requested addition of moving mouths when using VoIP, a new mini-boss, new server types and dozens of other miscellaneous requests.

As some may already know, we spent the last 2 days performing server wipes and server maintenance to get ready for our 1.0 launch. For all those who are asking, this means that there will be no server wipes happening on November 1st.

Apart from that, we’re also very happy to announce that starting tomorrow Citadel: Forged with Fire will be taking part in a Steam Free Weekend Event!

As usual, please take a moment to read the notes below as you wait for our servers to update and see what’s been added to the game with this update:

New Items

  • Player mouths now move when VoIP is used
  • Added mastery pools for better high-level regeneration
  • Added new armor crafting options
  • Added new weapon crafting options
  • Added new phoenix mini-boss


  • More appropriate orc loot rewards
  • Increased harvest rate for marble, decreasing average marble node quantity
  • Increased marble drop quantities in rift treasure
  • Added new top-tier food buff: sublime indulgence
  • Adjustments made to eagle and phoenix swoop attack
  • Adjustments made to quest requirements to make them less tedious overall
  • Adjustments made to leech modifiers
  • Added more appropriate leveling curves for tamed creatures: weaker creatures level faster, stronger creatures level slower
  • Added more appropriate HP and damage scaling for tamed creatures
  • Made several tweaks to Orcus to improve combat
  • Dropped leather requirement for saddle by 50%
  • Increased XP rewards from boss creatures
  • General fixes made for griefable terrain and rocks
  • Roughly doubled rune rewards in medium and large crystals
  • Adjustments made to roots of wrath spell to prevent multiple phantom hits
  • Adjusted golem loot drops
  • Increased sickly heart drops in tundra abominations
  • General improvements made to boss creatures
  • Made faery dust a guaranteed drop on Phoenix Spirit sprites
  • Better alignment of creature ranged attacks and perception radii
  • Firepits now decay in 2 hours if abandoned
  • Fixed PvP spell debuffs


  • Regenerated some foliage for better performance and resource distribution
  • Updated regional title card level ranges for creatures
  • Adjusted color of tundra rocks
  • Fixed attenuation of pounce spell
  • Better bloodlust VFX positioning for 1P combat
  • Fixed golem death animation


  • Added logs for raiding to the server so that owners can tell who’s been attacking who
  • Added whitelisting support for streamers – use the “admin_whitelistadd” and “admin_whitelistremove” commands to add steam ids
  • Added Steam join in progress for dedicated server games
  • Increased server player counts from 40 to 50
  • Fixed repair bench causing item cards to disappear and reappear
  • Added RCON command “whoisonline”
  • Added the ability to change a passworded server’s password at runtime via the “setpassword” command. Available with RCON as well
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when taking over 100 items from a lootbag at once
  • Improved lootbag performance opening bags with many items
  • Improved particle and lighting performance
  • Lights are better managed via occlusion so situations with torches not illuminating are reduced
  • Doubled the radius of all player created lights
  • Optimized performance on magic structures
  • Doubled structure render speeds
  • Optimized NPC inventory for better server performance
  • Optimized idle NPCs for better server performance
  • Optimized reformation stone logic for better server performance
  • Dragon fire breath properly consumes mana
  • Improved server physics performance
  • Fixed crash on listen servers
  • Fixed occasional single player crash in dungeons
  • Added the ability to reset bindings
  • Fixed occasional bugs that could happen with player level when logging back into the game
  • Fixed an issue with the VOIP slider not persisting after relog
  • Fixed a server crash that occurs when dismounting
  • Fixed an issue on listen servers where the first quest progress is not properly tracked
  • Fixed taming interaction when using other languages
  • Merged notifications of resource pickups when running multipliers
  • Fixed overlapping exp text when running multipliers
  • Improved single player world configuration settings for gamepad
  • Fixed an issue where the player would be invisible after respawning many times
  • Added the ability for administrators to toggle the weather via the command “togglerain”
  • Fixed issues where on listen servers, creatures had very far sight range
  • Fixed an issue where context menus in the inventory could sometimes spill out of the window
  • Fixed an issue where the VFX on players would not go away after the relevant buff expired
  • Added new server types, their configurations are as follows:
    – PVP – veryfast-reset: 5x exp 5x gather, server reset every 90 days
    – PVP – fast-reset: 3x exp 3x gather, server reset every 90 days
    – PVP – fast: 3x exp 3x gather
    – PVP – very fast: 5x exp 5x gather
    – PVE – fast: 3x exp 3x gather
    – PVE – veryfast: 5x exp 5x gather
    – PVE – freebuild: unlimited resources, free flying, no weight restrictions
    – PVE – freebuild-reset: unlimited resources, free flying, no weight restrictions, reset every 90 days

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