Dungeons And Dragons Online Opens Up The…

Dungeons And Dragons Online Opens Up The First Preview Of Update 44 For A Very Limited Time

U44 Preview 1: 10/29-10/31

Hello, all! Preview 1 of Update 44 is expected to open sometime in the early afternoon (Eastern) of Tuesday October 29th and to remain open until sometime in the late afternoon (Eastern) of Thursday October 31st. There is expected to be a dev event on Wednesday October 30th from 8-10 PM Eastern where members of the DDO team will be available to collect feedback and answer questions in real time on Lamannia.

This first preview contains some, but not all, of the features/changes expected to be included in Update 44. This preview is expected to contain the following features:

  • Keep on the Borderlands Adventure Pack:
    • 4 Dungeons (8 are expected in the adventure pack, but only 4 are planned to be available for preview 1)
    • New Adventure Area
    • New Public Space
  • New Named Loot
  • Mounts
  • UI Quality of Life Additions:
    • A new side tab in the Stats section of the Character Sheet that displays a wide variety of statistics
    • Adventure Compendium Heroic/Epic Quest level sorting
  • Miscellaneous smaller features and bugfixes

This thread will be updated when the preview has opened. Full release notes will be made available at that time (and not before). We look forward to reading your feedback!

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