Lineage II Updates Raid Bosses, Hunting Zones,…

Lineage II Updates Raid Bosses, Hunting Zones, Questing, And Vitality System October 30

The next update to Lineage II: Fafurion launches on October 30. Full patch notes will be available on Tuesday, October 29.
These are the main features in this supplemental update:

  • Vitality System changes
  • New Timed Hunting Zone
  • Existing Hunting Zones updates
  • New Raid Bosses
  • Clan Mission updates
  • Level 1-85 Quest changes
  • Exalted Quest changes
  • New Talismans
  • Dye Passives and Skills updates
  • World Olympiad (starts on November 6)

Several Olympiad and Ceremony of Chaos exchange items will be removed from player inventories starting after the game update on October. You can find the full list of items being removed here.

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