Astellia Online’s Newest Patch Adds In A New…

Astellia Online’s Newest Patch Adds In A New Astel For Fighting Dragons

Greetings Astellians,

On Thursday, November 7th we’ll be bringing the servers down for a scheduled maintenance.

Maintenance Information

  • Servers will come down at 12:00am PDT (Mightnight) | 09:00 CEST.
  • Approximate downtime: 3 Hours

Patch Notes

  • Halloween Event has ended:
    • Removal of Halloween Decorations.
    • The Halloween vendor(s) will remain for an additional 2 weeks to allow any unspent tokens to be used.
  • Addition of the new Astel – Ignagon.
  • Cash Shop Item Updates / Changes:
    • Warm Mechanic, Chic Mechanic, Calm Mechanic character costumes.
    • Character Costumes are being rotated:
      • 6 New Costumes available for each class
      • Current Costumes will be rotated out and unavailable for purchase till a later date.
    • New Astel Skin for the latest Astel – Ignagon.
  • Legendary Dungeons Part 2 Added
    • Archduke Caleonid’s Mansion
    • Macarzan Basin
    • Fortenora Underground Prison

Update [11/07 – 1:30am PST | 10:30 CET]

Astellia Online

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