Bless Unleashed Open Beta Currently Underway…

Bless Unleashed Open Beta Currently Underway For Xbox One

Open beta is nearly here! Don’t forget to start your download 11/6 9 p.m. PT so you can jump straight into the action 11/7 at 10 a.m. PT!

While you wait, check out our patch notes for all the changes and updates coming to the Open Beta!


  • The player can now skip the Telarion Festival when coming out of the Dream Dungeon.
  • The level cap has been increased from 20 (in our last closed beta) to 30.
  • The storyline will now take the player through the following zones:
    • Dream Dungeon
    • Telarion Festival (if they so choose)
    • Carzacor
    • Navarra
    • Gnoll Wastes
    • Ruins of Tristezza (NEW!)
    • Sperios (NEW!)
    • Padana Ruins (NEW!)
    • Kannus Mountains (NEW!)
  • New Field Bosses can be found and fought!
    • The Spider Queen in Tristezza
    • The Cyclops in Tristezza
    • The Soulraiser Revenant in Sperios
    • The Bone Dragon in Kannus Mountains
  • By following through the storyline, the player can now obtain “The Crescent Moon” Blessing
  • New arenas, lairs, and dungeons are available to explore and test your might in!
    • Arenas
      • Corrupted Creation (Level 25)
      • Emissary of Flame (Level 28)
    • Lairs
      • Harpy Queen’s Nest (Level 25)
      • Crimson Waterfall (Level 27)
      • Archon of Fire (Level 29)
    • Dungeons
      • Savantis Mausoleum – Altar of Blood (Level 29)
  • Repeatable quests for reputation gain may now only be completed three times per day.


  • We have introduced a new default control scheme which places attacks primarily on the RT and RB buttons. Players may change their controls in the options menu after completing the Dream Dungeon.
  • The new layouts are:
    • Layout 1 is the new default control scheme (Described above).
    • Layout 2 is the old default control scheme (Attack buttons mapped to the face buttons).
    • Layout 3 is a new control scheme that moves the X and Y attack button to the Right and Left Triggers.
  • We highly encourage players to experiment with all the new controller layouts and let us know which their favorite control scheme is.


  • Crafting has undergone major changes to simplify the system and make it more player friendly.
  • Crafting Workstations have been simplified to improve use.
    • Weapons and armor for each class are now crafted at the same workstation.
      • Crusader & Berserker equipment can be made at the Blacksmith’s Forge.
      • Ranger equipment can be made at the Shaping Workbench.
      • Mage & Priest equipment can be made at the Enchanter’s Wheel.
  • The max crafting level has been raised from 5 to 10.
  • New recipes are now unlocked as the character’s crafting level is raised.
  • The number of materials required for each recipe has been reduced.
  • Reduced the total number of items in the crafting system by 70% to help reduce difficulty.
  • Added a new gathering node type for wood-based materials.


  • Huge Ore Deposits and Huge Trees can now be found in the world.
    • These drop hard to obtain materials for those harder to craft items.
    • Once the ore or tree has been completely harvested it will drop a special crystal that can be turned in to a purifier NPC for a reputation reward.


  • Battlefields become available at level 20!
    • This 15v15 PvP Mode matches players in a battle to control several areas on the map!
    • This will be available at level 30 at release, it is only available at level 20 during open beta for testing purposes.
  • World PvP now unlocks at level 30.


  • HP numbers can now be displayed as a hard figure, or percentage, or both.
    • This can affect the character.
    • This can also affect monsters.
      • The selection for this is located in the Gameplay settings among a few other new selections.


  • Increased the speed of almost all attacks and abilities in the game to help address player feedback.
  • Changed the abilities in many Blessings.
  • Reduced the length of time players are locked into attack animations, allowing for easier dodging during combat.


  • Added New Skill: Shield Throw, can be used with B Button


  • Added New Skill: Shoulder Attack, can be used with B Button



  • Party members are now displayed on the mini-map, the numbers corresponding to which player is where on the mini-map is displayed next to the character portrait in the party UI.


  • The Bless Pass has been implemented. You can access the Bless Pass through the main menu in-game.
    • Collect daily rewards by logging in.
    • Collect rewards for completing weekly objectives.
    • Collect bonus rewards for raising the Bless Pass tiers through weekly objective completions.


The localization and editing process for Bless Unleashed is still ongoing, as new text is constantly being added to the game during development. However, there are a few outstanding text issues in this open beta that we want to highlight to minimize player confusion. They are as follows:

  • Mazzini’s introductory blessing quest “A Collector’s Insights” tells players they can activate blessings without visiting an altar by spending Star Seeds. This is not true.
  • Some of the instructions for how to find the Blessing Fragments in your Blessings UI are incorrect. The correct information is as follows:
    • Mark of the Wolf is earned by completing the Carzacor campaign quests.
    • Lionheart Legacy is earned by completing the Navarra campaign quests.
    • Crescent Moon is earned by completing the Padana campaign quests.
    • Night Wind memory fragments can be found by completing Lairs and Dungeons.
    • Storm Chaser memory fragments can be purchased from Reputation Merchants.
    • Centurion’s Command is earned by completing the “Unending Conflict” campaign.
    • NOTE: Whenever you earn one piece of a blessing (called a memory fragment), you will now receive a quest that directs you to the locations of the other fragments.
  • Journals, notes, and other discoverable text is currently unlocalized.
  • Many speech-bubbles have unnatural line-breaks and/or disappear too fast to read, forcing players to use their chat tab if they want to read the text they missed.
  • Many NPCs have incorrect voice effects.
  • Some quests are not properly displaying the target NPC or item in the quest tracker. (This can usually be resolved by checking your quest log and reading the summary.)

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