Black Desert 11/13 Patch Notes


A new update has been released for Black Desert Xbox, and brings with it the Mystic Awakening, Bartali’s Adventure Log and so much more. Check out the changes below to find out what changes are coming in this update.



Unlock the secrets of the azure dragon Banha and unleash a flood upon your enemies. The Mystic equips the Cestus to channel the energy of the divine dragon into her powerful attacks. Find out more in the GM notes here [link to GM Note



Igor Bartali was once a famed adventurer himself, before settling down in Velia and running the small town. He traveled up and down the Black Desert world, looking for thrills and adventure. Unlike other adventurers, Igor Bartali kept an incredibly detailed journal of his travels, and you can find out more about his epic journey in the Adventure Log.


Adventure Logs are a new set of quests that offer family wide bonuses for your character, including weight, AP, DP and more. Following in the footsteps of one of the original adventurers is a path that everyone should look to complete.


In order to start following Igor Bartali on his mammoth adventure, you will need to be level 51 and have completed the Calpheon Main story. Once these prerequisites have been completed, you will be able to accept the quest ‘Adventure Log: Traces of a Great Adventurer’ from the Black Spirit. You will be able to access the adventure log any time by accessing the Adventure Log Bookshelf via the menu.



New craftable costumes have been added to the Costume Mills for Shai. After completing certain missions, you will be able to craft the ‘[Shai] Kanna’s Naga Disguise’ and the ‘[Shai] Florin Cook’s Clothes’.

In order to obtain the ‘Design: Kanna’s Naga Disguise – Shai’, you will need to complete ‘The Naga Enthusiasts Club’ quest line which can be accepted from Kanna in Glish. The following quests are part of this quest line.

-The Naga Enthusiasts Club
-First Test: Understanding the Nagas
-Second Test: How much do you know about the Nagas
-Third Test: Naga, I Want You!
-Fourth Test: Teaching the Fogans a Lesson
-Naga Enthusiast

Once completed, you will be able to purchase the ‘Design: Kanna’s Naga Disguise’ from Kanna’s Amity Shop. This quest line is only available once per family.


In order to obtain the ‘Design: Florin Cook’s Clothes’, you will need to complete the ‘A Glorious Past’ quest line available from Izella in Florin. The following quests are part of this quest line.

-A Glorious Past
-No Change is the Problem
-The Importance of Cleanliness
-Focus on What You Do Best
-Share the Good News
-You, Me and the Oak Inn

Once completed, you will be able to purchase the “Design: Florin Cook’s Clothes – Shai” from Izella’s Amity shop This quest line is only available once per family.



The “Heroes’ Song” item can now be obtained after defeating the world bosses Quint and Muraka, and also from field bosses in the game. The “Heroes’ Song” item recovers 5,000 HP over 30 seconds and activates immediately after being picked up.

World bosses will no longer disappear after 30 minutes, but instead they will go berserk. World Bosses will go berserk after they have been on the field for 15 minutes raising their AP and DP. At 25 minutes they will enter another berserked stage, this time giving them even more AP but significantly cutting their DP. If they are still not taken out after 30 minutes, the world boss will despawn. This change will only apply to: Kzarka, Nouver, Kutum, Karanda.

We are also making changes to the way that gold bar rewards are distributed after defeating Kzarka, Nouver, Karanda and Kutum.


Reward Tiers New Rewards
Top Tier (Top 20 Adventurers) Gold Bar 1G, 10G (100% Chance)
Gold Bar 100G, 1,000G (Low Chance)
Middle Tier (Top 21~50 Adventurers) Gold Bar 1G, 10G (100% Chance)
Gold Bar 100G, 1000G (Low Chance)
Every other tier Gold Bar 1G (100% Chance)
Gold Bar 10G (High Chance)
Gold Bar 100G (Low Chance)


The last change comes to the amount of Skill EXP that you can gain from defeating monsters in Valencia and Kamasylvia.


Dev Comment: Around the time of the launch of Black Desert Xbox, we improved the leveling experience of the game to make it easier to level up, and once Kamasylvia was released we provided an easier way to level up to 61 with side quests that give a significant chunk of Combat EXP. However we focussed purely on the Combat EXP, and left the Skill EXP alone. The reason for this was that we wanted adventurers to learn and familiarize themselves with the skills they learned, and the Skill EXP given matched this, as it gave players a chance to try out skills over a long period of time. However it has become apparent that changes in Skill EXP acquisition need to be made.

Skill EXP gained from monsters in the following areas have been increased:

Cadry Ruins/ Crescent Shrine/ Aakman/ Hystria – Skill EXP Gain +10%
Basilisk Den/Taphtar Plain/ Manshaum Forest – Skill EXP Gain +20%
Pila Ku Jail/ Roud Sulfur Mine/ Tooth Fairy Forest/ – Skill EXP Gain +30%



More changes are coming to classes in Black Desert. We are overhauling many of the passive skills and also adding a new passive skill to the Tamer.

Passive Skill Changes

For certain class passives, we have increased the amount of levels that are possible to obtain, while also reducing the level in which they can be obtained. These changes will only apply to the following classes:


Ranger, Musa, Ninja, Dark Knight, Witch and Wizard.


As their levels are changing, we will be refunding skill points in these skills and resetting them back to I. Please make sure that when you reenter the game with any of these classes, you check your skill menu to make sure that your passives are invested in.


Any passive skills which previously had their highest level as X, has been expanded so that XI is now the highest level. The XI level of passives can be learned at level 63.

Any passive skill where XX was the max level, can now be enhanced to level XXI and can be learned when the character reaches level 63.


● Ghost Greeting III – Fixed an issue where the single target damage was not applied when used during cooldown.


● Spirit Healing now increases MAX stamina based on level.


● A new passive skill ‘Bestial Instincts’ was added.

– Amplifies her Bestial Instincts to perform sharper attacks.



● The requirements for the ‘Occupied Cron Castle’ quest have been changed from level 48 or higher to level 21 or higher.
● Fixed an issue where the quest name “Until We Meet Again” would display incorrectly in certain situations.
● The Gyfin Rhasia Stone was fixed so that it can only be activated during the ‘Dangerous Negotiation II’ quest.
● The knowledge category ‘Legacy of Goddess Sylvia’ has been changed to ‘Silvia’s Legacy Adventure Journal I’
● We have made improvements to the knowledge entries of the following topics.

-Manshaum Hunting
-Bow of Forest Ronaros
-Krogdalo Hoof
-Tooth Fairy Wing
-Light of Kamasylvia
-Forest Ronaros Riddle I – V
-Hero Journal of Vedir
-Record of the Moon’s Darkness
-Record of the Sun’s Brightness



● Auto-pathing to Calpheon Chapel 2-1,2F has been fixed
● The sea route between Ancado Inner Harbor and Hakoven Island was made wider.
● Fixed certain areas in Gahaz so that Wagons are now passable.
● Fixed an issue where floor materials would not be applied correctly to certain parts on the 2nd floor of Olvia 2-4.
● You can now earn knowledge about Shakatu by talking to Shakatu.
● Fixed an issue with the Camera when talking to the Abducted Merchant in the Basilisk Den.

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