Wizard101 Digs Up Trouble And Adds A Spell…

Wizard101 Digs Up Trouble And Adds A Spell Boosting System With The Wizard City Underground Update

The Wizard City Underground Update

Update Highlights

Mysterious trouble is brewing under Wizard City, and we need all Wizards to help discover the source!

In this update we reveal Wizard City Underground. Can you solve the Mystery of the Missing Landscaper and deal with what lies beneath? Also in this update; several new features to help your Wizard advance in the world, and coming soon, new event updates!

Update Highlights Include:

  • The Wizard City Underground new quests
    • Olde Town Drains Instance
    • Golem Court Drains Gauntlet… And Deeper
  • Spellwrighting System
    • New Utility Spells
  • Backpack Butler
  • Hatchmaking Kiosk Improvements
  • Castle Magic Update
  • Continued FTUE Improvements
  • Expanding the Beastmoon Hunts
  • Expanding the Deckathalons
Update Notes

The Wizard City Underground

The refurbishment of Wizard City has had some unexpected consequences, and now there’s some seriously deep trouble brewing underground. What secrets lay buried beneath Wizard City? Is poor Landscaper Doug lost forever? And what’s with the funny smell coming from all the storm drain covers?

In the Wizard City Underground there are new quests, including a brand new low-level and a high-level gauntlet let players see a whole new side of Wizard City – it’s time to see what lies beneath!

Olde Town Drains Instance

While Groundskeeper Renee Wooften and her crew of Landscapers were hard at work revitalizing Wizard City, they accidentally opened a small hole in the bedrock in Olde Town. One of the Landscapers, Doug, just couldn’t resist the alluring aperture and now poor Doug is lost in the labyrinthine tunnels of the Drains that run underneath Wizard City. Of course, he needs an intrepid Wizard’s help getting out.

Equip your best spelunking robe and venture into the Olde Town hole in search of Landscaper Doug in the Olde Town Drains gauntlet. Do be sure to mind your manners… you wouldn’t want to bug anyone while you’re down there! If you manage to earn the trust of Subterranean Sanitation Operations Boss, he just might help you find the missing Landscaper.

To start the quest Dog Gone Doug, you must be level 15.

Golem Court Drains Gauntlet… And Deeper

Ever wonder what happens to all the garbage a town like Wizard City produces? Well, wonder no more! Once your Wizard has completed a certain sacred Tree ritual (approximately level 130, or the beginning of the Empyrea part 2 story), Renee Wooften will call for you to help the Subterranean Sanitation Operations with a pesky little Trash issue they’re having down in the Wizard City Drains.

But Ravenwood’s roots go far deeper than Wizard City. It has endured as entire civilizations rose and fell, and its secrets have long been buried. The disruptions in the Drains will unearth ancient mysteries and terrible tragedies, and the lost history of the Spiral will be revealed.

To start the quest Subterranean Sanitation, you must complete the quest Make Like A Tree And Go at the beginning of Empyrea Part 2.

Spellwrighting System


We’re introducing the new Spellwrighting System which allows you to earn new spells and upgrade spells to different, more powerful versions! You’ll notice a new tab in your spellbook that unlocks when you qualify for at least one new spell upgrade and own one Spellement (the components you need to spellwright). This screen shows what spells you qualify for, how many Spellements you own, and more information about your spells’ upgrade paths.

To upgrade spells, collect Spellements in battle, from Packs, and other various ways. A maximum of 999 Spellements can be collected at any given time, so be sure to upgrade your spells as you collect more Spellements!

Some spells have a simple path from Tier 1 to the fully upgraded version. Other spells have upgrade branches where you’ll have to choose how you want the spell to improve. Once you make a choice, you’re locked into that path, unless…

Spent a bunch of Spellements upgrading a spell and now want to change paths? No problem! For 100 Crowns, you can reset a spell’s upgrade to its first Tier, recouping the Spellements you used to upgrade it. Tier 1 spells are never removed from your character during reset.

The first spells to use this system will be the new Daybreaker and Nightbringer utility spells. These Spellements can be found in the Wizard City Underground.

New Utility Spells – Daybreaker and Nightbringer

Through battle with fearsome foes below Wizard City, you can collect Spellements for two new Utility Spells: Daybreaker and Nightbringer.

These Sun School spells allow you enchant a spell to “delay cast” it. Your pips will be consumed on the current round, but the spell itself won’t cast til the next round. Enchanting with Daybreaker means the spell will go FIRST, before the spell you choose the next round. Enchanting with Nightbringer means the spell will go SECOND, after the spell you choose the next round.

For example, if you want to delay cast Balance Blade to be applied directly before a big hit, you would enchant it with the Daybreaker spell. If you want to delay cast Glowbug Squall to be applied after the Feint you cast the next round, you’d use Nightbringer.

Note that the first tier of these spells can only placed in your deck once, aren’t able to be reshuffled, and the delayed spell costs 3 extra pips. However, these are all factors that can be upgraded through Spellwrighting.

Test Realm Results of Daybreaker and Nightbringer Spellements

In the course of testing the Daybreaker and Nightbringer spells (both internally and with the community on Test Realm), we’ve come across some significant issues in how they react when enchanted with certain spells.

Even though we’re still working through solutions and testing them thoroughly, we don’t want to hold back an update which is otherwise ready for Live for just these two spells. For this reason, we’re going to allow the community to obtain Daybreaker and Nightbringer as planned as drops on Wizard City Underground bosses (just like you experienced on Test Realm). We’ve set the spells’ levels to level 131 though to keep them out of combat for now.

Another update is planned for shortly after release that fixes these issues and removes the level restriction. Once the fix goes live, anyone who’s received the proper Spellements to upgrade Daybreaker or Nightbringer can do so then.

Thanks community for helping us test these spells, and thanks for your patience as we make our final preparations for these spells on the Live Realms!

Backpack Butler

You can accumulate lots of stuff on your travels! It can be a challenge to find an item in your inventory or storage after so many hours of play. Well, we’ve got an exciting solution for you! Introducing the new Backpack Butler.

The Backpack Butler allows you to search your character’s entire inventory from the backpack, bank, shared bank, all houses, attic, and all containers like the mannequins, aquariums, and vaults. Never before has it been this easy to keep track of everything!

You can only use the Backpack Butler to find where items are located. You can get the Backpack Butler from most housing vendors, including Aubert Quickhammer in Wizard City.

Hatchmaking Kiosk Improvements

There are big changes in the Hatchmaking Kiosk! The kiosk now shows an icon on the hatch page if that type of pet is in your pet tome. It’s easy to see which ones you may be missing! This should make it easier for you to collect every type of pet to tell which ones you may have missing.

You can also use the kiosk to search pets by talent! You have the option of selecting anywhere from 1-10 talents from the list. Pets with matching talents are displayed for hatching. NOTE: If you have a pet listed in the Kiosk that was placed there on Live Servers, you’ll need to remove and add that pet again to make it searchable by talent.

To aid you further in hatching the perfect pets, the listing time has been increased from 1 week to 2 weeks!

As a fun bonus, you can also search your friends’ pets using the kiosk!

Castle Magic Update

You can also use the kiosk to search pets by talent! You have the option of selecting anywhere from 1-10 talents from the list. Pets with matching talents are displayed for hatching. NOTE: If you have a pet listed in the Kiosk that was placed there on Live Servers, you’ll need to remove and add that pet again to make it searchable by talent.

To aid you further in hatching the perfect pets, the listing time has been increased from 1 week to 2 weeks!

As a fun bonus, you can also search your friends’ pets using the kiosk!

Castle Magic Update

As we teased leading up to Test Realm, a new type of map has been introduced to the event. Take your beast forms through an Avalon-inspired romp!

Our focus for this update was to shake up the Beastmoon “meta” a little bit. Overall, each match should play a little faster, with the following specifics:

  • Five new Beastmoon forms—a new tank (Ice Elf), more DPS (Storm Krokomummy), two new pip donators (Balance Fairy and Wolf Warrior), and a new minion-manipulator (Myth Minotaur)
  • Stronger synergistic play between Beast forms
  • Adjustments to existing Beast forms (Ice Colossus and Death Fairy)
  • Across-the-board movement speed improvements
  • A brand new map with vertical elements, for better vantage points and an emphasis on map mastery
  • “Victory Pips” – if you win combat on any sigil, we’ll spawn some pip wisps to prep you for the next fight
  • Quicker access to the center Spiral battle ring, and an increase in points for combat victories—all together, matches conclude a bit faster (20-25 minutes per match)

As a reminder, the Beastmoon Hunt is a team-based, goal-oriented event designed to bring Wizards together in a fun and friendly competitive event. Teams of 4-6 Wizards face each other in a contest of Domination. Each team gains points by defeating opponents and capturing and holding Battle Rings in the arena. A match ends when one team reaches 100 points, or the timer expires!

You’ll earn Reagents, Recipes, Craftable Seeds, and other rewards. These rewards will be extremely useful as you participate in future Beastmoon Hunts.

Expanding the Deckathalons
Fight the Professors!

Fight the Professors!

It’s a long way up to the top of the 30 floors of the newly expanded Deckathalon Towers, but each school’s Professor is waiting to duel Deckathletes that rise to the challenge! They don’t expect to battle many opponents the first time around as it’s a significant challenge simply to get there, but you never know…

Limited Entries

Previously, each Wizard had four entries per day and could purchase more at the price of 1000 gold. From now on, we’re offering every Wizard THREE entries per day only. You can log in and claim your entries each day and use them any time the event is running, but once you’re out you’ll need to wait for the next day to claim more entries and enter the Deckathalon tower.

Endurance Mode

Since you only have three chances at the tower, we wanted to open it up and let Wizards show us what you’ve got! Instead of being limited to three floors per entry, we’ve added what we call endurance mode. This allows you to continue your way up the tower until you’re either defeated or run out of spells. How high can you go?

New Rewards

As you approach the top floors, you’ll gain the ability to craft new rewards. Should you battle your Professor, you’ll find they drop some familiar and coveted items and award some new and prestigious badges.

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