Astellia Content Roadmap

Greetings Astellians,

As temperatures begin to drop and winter settles in, the end of 2019 approaches and with it a new year. A time that many reserve for setting goals and personal resolutions for the year. For the Astellia team, this is no different. We’ve been listening closely to the many of you who’ve been requesting a content roadmap, and today we’re excited to bring exactly that to you.

Before we dive into it, we’d like to cover a few key points. Namely, like with any roadmap, there is always a chance that dates can shift. Along with the understanding that the nature of the content listed may change throughout its development.

Please Note: this list is not complete, we have focused on sharing details about the new contents that will be released, this does not include cash shop additions & updates, minor weekend events, class balances, gender unlocking, bug fixes etc.

2019 Roadmap

  • November
  • December
    • Christmas Events:
      • A special Christmas themed Hunting Field, where players can earn holiday themed items and other goodies.
      • Braga Clause comes bearing holiday cheer, and new seasonal quests for all the good little Astellians out there.
    • Item Fusion
      • Take your equipment to the next level by upgrading the equipment Tier and Stats through Item Fusion!
    • Miodan Mine
      • A new land designed for high level players awaits, known as Miodan Mines.
      • For additional details see our overview »Here«.
    • Legendary Dungeons 2.1
      • Hall of Equality, Arau Cave, Lagash Underground Sanctum

2020 Roadmap

  • Quarter One
    • New Astel – Enakir
      • A new Astel champion appears, known as Enakir.
    • Pradoten Dungeon Introduced
      • Pradoten Dungeon is a new style of dungeon, known as a gathering dungeon for crafting materials.
    • Guild Arena Introduced
      • Battle against other guilds in 16 vs 16 and 48 vs 48 arenas.
    • Legendary Dungeons 2.2
      • Dogavi black Market, Sansara Fortress, Temple of Blessings
    • Valentine’s Day Event
    • Legendary Dungeons 2.3
      • New: Haveli Mansion, Dimensional Library Basilla
    • Addition of Astel Equipment System
    • New Hunting Ground – City of Lost Time
    • 12 Player Raid Dungeon
    • New Astel Origin Virgo
  • Beyond Quarter One
    • Legendary Dungeons 2.4
    • Raising of the level cap.
    • 3 New Main Story Zones
    • 2 New Dungeons
    • Additional Guild Content (Features)
    • Additional Hunting Grounds
    • Additional Avalon Content Updates


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