Neverwinter Patch Notes: Version: NW.115…

Neverwinter Patch Notes: Version: NW.115.20191025a.15

Release Notes


Content and Environment


  • Blackdagger Ruins: Storm the Keep: The missing section of the final bridge has been restored.
  • Blacklake District: Cornering Karzov: The encounters in this quest have been lowered in difficulty, including Karzov himself.
  • Ebon Downs: A bridge no longer has missing parts.
  • Elemental Evil: Crushing Gar Shatterkeel now has a quest path.
  • Underdark: Players no longer have to complete normal Demogorgon to complete the Unlock Epic Demogorgon campaign task.
  • Vellosk: The Tribal Pit no longer incorrectly has wall pieces that disappear.
  • Sea of Moving Ice: The Dragon Turtle no longer incorrectly jumps back to its original position for a moment after the breach animation.
  • Spectral Tricksters no longer flicker in and out of existence in Protector’s Enclave.
  • Stronghold Dragonflight: Ghosts spawned by the black dragon now move more slowly.
  • The level 10 and 60 PvP quests are no longer given out, as PvP is now only available at level 80.
  • Tutorial: Players can no longer incorrectly collect two sets of starter gear.
  • Tutorial: Players who couldn’t log in after logging out in a certain part of the Tutorial now can.
  • Tutorial: Players who log into the post-Bridge portion of the tutorial can no longer sometimes end up stuck.


Acquisitions Incorporated

  • Acquisitions Incorporated: Dungeon Maintenance: Dinosaurs no longer have a chance to spawn in this instance.
  • Players who are on the campaign task to complete Manycoins Bank Heist can now properly queue for Manycoins Bank Heist.


Demogorgon (Master)

  • There’s now an interaction to exit the instance.



  • Azuli, when in Wyllowwood, no longer looks like a different character.
  • Claws of Malar: Arcturia no longer pursues players even through death.
  • During a quest to meet Azuli in the Catacombs, Obaya Uday now has a shortcut dialog option.
  • For quests that require campaign progress, there’s now a tooltip directing the player to complete the next campaign step.
  • Inside Every Spider: This quest is no longer available.
  • Mattrim is now in the Catacombs map, to lighten some back-and-forth travel during questing.
  • Various quests in the Catacombs have had their requirements reduced.



  • Information Gathering: Enemies no longer spawn when interacting with supply crates.


Future Events

  • Day of the Dungeon Master: The drider boss in the Trial of Traps queue now properly shows a shielded FX before their shield is broken.
  • Gift of Tymora no longer awards obsolete profession materials.
  • Simril Celebration: This quest now requires fewer fish for daily participation rewards.


Future Events: Tales of Old

  • Coins of Tales Told are now granted when the player decides to exit, rather than after leaving.
  • Lair of the Mad Dragon no longer gets into a state where it grants no rewards.
  • Leaving the Throne of Idris through the front door should no longer take the player to Ebon Downs.
  • The Idris Lockbox no longer has a chance to give the mini Hrimnir vanity pet.
  • The interaction points for different Tales dungeons have been moved farther apart during the Grand Retelling, so it’s less likely for parties to accidentally separate into multiple dungeons.



Combat and Powers

Classes and Balance

  • The following player powers’ stuns are now properly reduced in duration by Control Resistance.
    • Celestial Prominence (Cleric)
    • Guardian of Faith (Cleric)
    • Punishing Charge (Barbarian)
    • Roar (Barbarian)
    • Crescendo (Barbarian)
    • Earthshaker (Guardian)
    • Shield Throw (Guardian)
    • Burning Light (Paladin)
  • Barbarian: Sure Strike no longer incorrectly shows a 0 damage hit in the combat log. (This doesn’t affect damage dealt.)
  • Warlock: Arms of Hadar now properly gives more Action Points per cast.



  • Alpha Compy: The Alpha Compy’s summoned pack once again properly follows her.
  • Alpha Compy: This companion’s player bonus now properly functions.
  • Black Dragon Ioun Stone: This companion’s player bonus now properly functions.
  • Bonding Runestones: Stats applied via Bonding Runestones now properly apply when line of sight is broken between the player and their companion.
  • Green Slime: This companion’s player bonus now properly functions.
  • Laughing Skull: This companion’s player bonus now properly functions.
  • Leprechaun: This companion’s player bonus now properly functions.
  • Splinters now plays audio on defeat.



  • In order to resolve an issue in which some Warlocks created before Module 16 had powers stuck in their power tray, a free respec has been given to all Warlocks created before 15:46 PDT on October 22nd, 2019.



Enemies and Encounters

Castle Ravenloft

  • The damage dealt by Strahd’s spell “Ardor” has been reduced.
  • The Sisters of Strahd are now shielded from damage instead of immune to damage when they are affected by one another’s auras, allowing for players to generate threat when attacking them.


Cradle of the Death God

  • The time before Exploding Skulls self-destruct has been increased by 3 seconds.
  • When falling off the elevator, players are now returned to the elevator in a downed state.
  • When falling off the platform in the nursery, players are now returned to the platform in a downed state.



  • The Goristro is once again properly immune to crowd control.


Fangbreaker Island

  • Resolved an issue wherein Drufi’s permafrost could capture players who walked into it, even if they were not hit with the initial attack.


Tomb of the Nine Gods

  • Ras Nsi: The indicator for Rive no longer incorrectly follows the targeted player.



  • Driders no longer fire a projectile in a direction completely different from their facing or indicator.
  • Kuo-toa Whips now have a 60 second cooldown on their heal and shield powers.
  • Kuo-toa Whips now shield themselves for less damage per cast.



Items and Economy

Enhancements and Enchantments

  • Tooltip text no longer sometimes omits percentage values in enchantment tooltips, e.g. for the Shadowclad Enchantment.



  • Coupons for Refinement Packs once again properly function.
  • Players with certain other fashion items can now properly open the Gith Fashion box.



User Interface


  • The current and max library size is now displayed in the Appearance window.



  • In the event creation page, the maximum level now properly caps at 80, up from 70.



  • The Appearance tab now properly displays information.
  • When inspecting companions, there is no longer sometimes a frame or two of “UNTRANSLATED” text while it loads.



  • Queues now properly inform the player about how to join them, if they’ve already cleared the item level requirement and are still unable to queue.
  • Random Queue error messages are now more specific when players cannot join a queue.



Animation, Character Art, and Visual Effects

Character Art

  • A Chultan cape can now properly be dyed.
  • Barbarian Mace: This Paladin weapon now properly sheathes at the hip instead of on the back.
  • Leggings of the Masquerade no longer incorrectly have an invisible waistband, resulting in characters having a floating torso.





  • Various localization fixes have been made to the French, German, Italian, and Russian locales.

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