Star Citizen Hypes This Weekend’s Citizencon,…

Star Citizen Hypes This Weekend’s Citizencon, Plans New Community Hub And Free-fly Event

We’re about to have another big MMO convention weekend: this one for Star Citizen, as CitizenCon begins on Saturday. But as it so often does for these events, Cloud Imperium is running a free-fly event starting on the 24th and running through December 5th, so everyone revved up for the game can jump in and mess around in the alpha at no cost over the US holiday next week. We’ve embedded the entire free-fly schedule down below so you can see precisely which ships and vehicles will be open for play each day.

As for CitizenCon aka CitizenCon 2949 itself, wake yourself up bright and early on Saturday because the keynote from Chris Roberts begins at 13:00 UTC, which is 8 a.m. EDT and 5 a.m. way out on the west coast. Fortunately, you don’t need to actually get yourself to Manchester to see it; you can also watch the stream online (we’ve embedded that below too) or pick up the videos after the fact. And just to clarify, CIG has noted that “it’s 100% free to watch the livestream” and “rebroadcasting is permitted.

Finally, there’s a new community hub launching tomorrow. Remember that thing we were saying more games needed on this week’s podcast? This would kinda be that.

“For those new to Star Citizen, Cloud Imperium will debut a Welcome Hub that includes all-new tutorials and a Guide System that matches new players with Star Citizen Community veterans that are willing to teach new players the ropes. The Welcome Hub and Guide System will both launch on November 22 and can be found at

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