Survival Shooter Deathgarden Announces Its…

Survival Shooter Deathgarden Announces Its Shutdown And Goes Free-to-play In The Meantime

Dear Deathgarden Community,

They say all good things must come to an end. Over the past few weeks, our team has been rather quiet about the development of Deathgarden. Witnessing the decreasing player base, we’ve been working on finding solutions: we sought advice, considered many different scenarios, looked at various solutions, but unfortunately, none of them would change the fate of this project. Today, it is with a heavy heart that we’re announcing the end of Deathgarden’s development. To honour the production team’s work, we have decided to give the game a meaningful last breath by finalizing every feature we’ve been working on.

Two years ago, a handful of passionate game developers at Behaviour got together to develop a new game concept. This paved the way for great talents to join the team, and we want to acknowledge the work of every single person who took part in this soulful adventure. Deathgarden was, and still is today, a project of passion. A game that we wanted to make for ourselves, but also for players around the world to enjoy.

This project made us go through a roller coaster of emotions, from the first version to the reboot, and we take pride in what we’ve accomplished. We grew a lot from the experience, as a team and as individuals, and we will keep on going, we will take risks and be innovative to meet our player’s expectations. As for the future, the Deathgarden team has been redeployed to other Behaviour projects, both live and unannounced.

All this work wouldn’t have been possible without you, the community. We want to thank you for your continuous support and contribution during the ride. We want to leave this adventure on a high note and make the work we’ve been doing these past weeks be worth it for you.

In the light of this news, we wanted to have one last moment to share with you. We will be hosting a Deathgarden’s sunset Play with the Devs livestream on December 12 at starting at 3 pm EST to share our love for the game with you.

We will keep Deathgarden’s servers up at least through the end of the year, and you will still be able to play the game as long as matchmaking is viable. We are also making the game free today, so more people can join you.

Thank you very much for your support these past two years and we will see you again soon,

The Deathgarden Dev Team

You can read the Patch Note and FAQ on your website

Hello Gardeners,

For our last patch, we added three new maps, a couple of new skins and skin set, and we disabled 2v10 for the time being.


Biome: Desert
Weather: Sunset
Garden elements: trench, bridge overhung by the ramparts that form a wall to protect an abandoned city


Biome: Forest
Weather: Sunny Afternoon
Garden elements: Dense forest, closed rampart, ruins


Biome: Abandoned city
Weather: Sunny afternoon
Garden elements: Scattered forest, multi pathways, small towers and buildings, flat land


We are expanding the skin offer with a couple of additions. Sawbones ‘EMT’ Origin Set is now available, as well as two Alternative colours, The Deep End and Then and Now. Fog can now wear two new sets, Anti-Social and Concealed Blade. We are also releasing two Halloween inspired masks: Broken Doll for Switch and Jack O Lantern for Veteran.


Added a non-playable character in the locker room

Voice Over has now been localized in all five languages

[FIXED] Number of remaining blood displays incorrectly in spectator mode

[FIXED] Number of remaining blood to be deposit written in the UI

[FIXED] Various animations and poses


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